Monday, March 7, 2011

Backtalker and Mike Tyson

You are probably wondering what the heck that title means, you will find out.

So this post is mainly an update on the kiddos for our families. I realize I am quite the blog slacker these days, and this makes me feel guilty since this is basically Harper's baby book.

Paxton: (3 1/2)

Man oh man, each day is something new with this guy! Some days he is sweet as can be and others.......sheesh, at-ti-tude!! He has been back-talking A LOT lately, and it makes me so angry! Mainly because I am not used to it, so it surprises me each time he does it. Yesterday he was walking by me and I told him to do something and he looked at me, put one finger up and said "shush" I was speechless. Another common phrase he has been using is "NO! You do it" when I tell him to pick up his toys or his room, or he tells me he is "too busy, so I am not going to do it right now." Uh, I'm sorry I don't think I was giving you a choice. I am just tired of EVERYTHING being a fight!! His teacher said he is so good at school and never back talks, so that makes me feel good, but it certainly is no excuse for him to behave that way towards Josh and I. It's great that he is good at school but I don't believe that that is good enough, "oh you're good at school so it's cool if your a punk when you get home" uh-uh (finger snap!)

He might be a hoarder too. Not kidding, the kid won't let me throw ANYTHING away. He saves every card he gets, every junk toy from happy meals, everything! He might be the worlds youngest hoarder. I have to wait until he is sleeping before I throw anything away and then I have to take it all the way outside to the big trash and bury it. He WILL find it if I don't, I think he has some odd sixth sense for this kind of thing!

Don't get me wrong, back-talking and hoarding aside, he is a good kid and I love him dearly. There are just days when he tests my patience and I am about to sell him on e-bay and he will walk up to me and give me a kiss and hug for no reason. Men.

Harper:(15 months)

She is a fighter these days, as in fighting with her brother!! I didn't think this was supposed to happen so early! They fight over toys, they fight over cups, they fight over me, they fight over everything!! And let me tell you, she is tough.....and MEAN!! She bites him, she pulls his hair, and she has left scratches on his face a couple times now!! 90% of the time he deserves it cause he will take her toy away or he just gets in her face and when she screeches at him to back up and he doesn't, then it is on like donkey kong. The other 10% is her being a bully, she will just walk up to him and whack him on the head with a toy, I feel really bad for him when she does this. What the heck do you do to a 15 month old when she does this?!?! As far as I know she doesn't do this to other kids, just her brother, but again, I don't think that makes it ok. I want her to be tough and stick up for herself, but I don't want her to be blatantly mean!

She isn't talking much, it kind of concerns me. Paxton was speaking in full sentences by this age, and I know he talked super early for his age, but I just think she should be saying more. She NEVER says mama, NEVER! Is this wierd? Maybe she is just going to be quiet (hey NOOO complaints from me if this is the case) and reserved and her brother is going to be the chatterbox (he already is, car rides with this child is borderline torture, seriously the army might want to conisder using him as a torture device).

Sleeping and eating? Ha, no problems from this girl, she sleeps like a champ and eats like a heavyweight fighter.

She dances all the time and twirls around the living room, it totally cracks me up. She can be such a little tomboy one minute and the next she is holding her doll and dancing. I love it.

Teeth? tons! Getting her molars in now, she drools buckets. It's disgusting.

So that's our life in a nutshell right now. I have a backtalker for a son and Mike Tyson for a daughter. And you all wonder why I like wine so much, seriously I budget points every day for that 1 (or 3) glasses of wine!! I will sacrifice chocolate, chips, cheese etc but don't you ask me to sarifice vino!!

I was going to photoshop all these pictures but realized the kids would be 20 before I ever finished and actually wrote this post so I skipped the photoshop (except for last 3 photos).

So sweet and innocent when they are sleeping right?

Look at that belly!!! I love it.

Saying hi to our neighbor dog, DJ

He looks so old in this picture!

I'm sorry I can't help it!! I just love her butt in the jeans!! Look at it! I wish my butt looked this cute in jeans.

She LOVES playing in the dirt and digging. With Pax I would have freaked out and not wanted him to get dirty. Now with kid #2 I am like "who freakin cares? Are they quiet? That's ALL that matters!"

We love that we are having more nice days so we can go outside and RUN!!

New Transformers fishing pole from Nana and Papa Hall....he slept with it that night.

See? She can be girly sometimes, carrying her new purse around.

FINALLY get a picture with both of them and it's blurry! Gah!

His new thing- putting his hands on his hip. Deb said Josh ALWAYS did this when he was little to

She was chasing her shadow at the park, ha!

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  1. Omg I miss my babes soo much! Pax reminds me of a little bryan loberg when he was little... Remember him putting his hands on his hips like francis? Love it. We have to come visit soon!!