Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Midweek randoms…..

Wow I have not blogged in a week, school started so of course our schedule is busier than ever again.

We have been doing lots around here. Building forts, making cookies, going to Papa Jim’s farm, just trying to stay busy so we aren’t bored (and by WE, I mean the KIDS!)

Running has pretty much taken over my life. I go to bed early so I can get up early, I have to eat certain things (or NOT eat certain thing, ahem MEXICAN!) for fear of it affecting my run the next day, I have to drink plenty of water, I have to stretch and ice and breathe and…………you get the point.

The kids have been in rare form lately. Boy howdy they test my patience on a daily basis. But then they can be so darn cute too.

Funny Paxton sayings as of late:

P:“ Aiden has better ideas than I do, you know what his top 3 ideas are?”

Me: “what’s that?” (can’t remember what the first 2 were, the 3rd one was the kicker)

P: “and number 3, jumping on the bouncy couch” (the air matress at my dad’s house)

Me: “Yeah I don’t like that one very much.”

P: “Yeah that’s a bad one, let’s just hang that one up.”


P: (at bedtime) “Mom, you have to let me sleep in your bed, because you love me and that’s what you do when you love someone.”

Me: “I do love you, but I love you MORE when you are in your own bed…….so GO TO BED!!”

He started school this week and loves it. Didn’t even look back at me when I dropped him off at his class (sad face).

Harper says “what’s that” and “I want that” all the time. She has also started taking her diaper off at some point in the night!! 3 times now we have walked in the next morning and her diaper is off and laying in her crib. This morning she even attempted to put her pajama bottoms BACK on after she took her diaper off because we found her in bed with both legs through one pajama leg hole. I just wish we had a camera monitor in there so I can see her doing this!! I just laugh thinking about her in there doing that. She has also been waking up at like 2:30 in the morning and calling for me then when I walk in there she says “hi Mommy!!” all happy go lucky, let’s play, it’s party time. Then she will nose dive for her pillow, giggling the whole time. Yeah, real funny girlfriend, my alarm goes off at 3:50 so I don’t find it too amusing.

She is a temper tantrum queen!! Omigoodness, watch out if she is in a MOOD! At church on Sunday, I wasn’t opening her snack fast enough (well excuse me Missy!!) so she walks out into the aisle and throws herself on the ground and buries her face in the carpet, crying the whole time. All I could think was “Dear God, please give me the strength to not kill my child in church!”

She plays so well by herself though, she will color, or draw on a magna doodle, or work on a puzzle FOREVER!! I love it, it is so opposite of how Pax was/is. He constantly needs someone playing with him and nothing keeps his interest for longer than 10 minutes.

photography 001

Paxton took this picture of Harper, (like our messy house?) He LOVES taking pics and is actually pretty good at it, his angles are always so neat since he is so little.

photography 165

The kids were sick for one day last week so we (they…….ok fine me too) stayed in pj’s all day. We played puzzles, relaxed in Paxton’s bed and pretty much just vegged out. It was nice, but midway through the day I started feeling guilty and “pajama day” turned into “Mom organize all the toys, puzzles, and books day.” (PS- that lasted all of 5 seconds and everything is un-organized again.)

photography 166photography 167photography 171photography 174photography 177

Harper is my eater, she loves to eat, she could probably be a professional eater one day. One of her favorite words is, in fact, “EAT!” So the fact that she has a Mother who loves to bake, totally works in her favor and her new favorite spot is on the counter, right by the electric mixer, and within arms reach of spoons, beaters, and all those yummy ingredients that go into baking. (Please note I do NOT re-use any spoons/utensils she licks during baking)

photography 179photography 181photography 182photography 280photography 281

She snuck her hand right into the mixer bowl and got a handful of sugar that she licked off and Mom caught that sticky little hand before it went back in that bowl for seconds. Sorry baby girl, nobody wants your slobber hands in their cookie batter, not even your Momma.

photography 282

As a consolation prize she got to lick the batter off the beater, yes I let my kids eat raw cookie dough, I did it as a child and I am still alive so why deprive them of such a happy childhood past-time?

photography 286

Forts have been a pretty big deal in our house lately. The kids think they are just the coolest thing since sliced bread. We have built them in the living room so they could have a “movie watching fort” underneath the kitchen chairs and blankets, but the one below is the mac daddy of them all. Daddy actually built this one and it has been up all week. Someone thinks this is his new bed, hey whatever, you can sleep in the tub if you want as long as you’re not in my bed!

photography 290photography 292photography 296photography 298photography 300photography 301photography 302photography 305photography 307photography 309

And yes I am obsessed in shooting in black and white lately. I didn’t even know my camera could DO that until I took that photography class. Plus I don’t have to edit them in photoshop so it’s a time saver too!

Well I have another meeting tonight so I need to go make dinner before Harper starts eating my arm (wouldn’t put it past her). Have a great rest of the week!!


  1. Um I think you told the story all wrong. Wasn't bouncy couch 2nd and then for the kicker the 3rd one was POP and that's what you said you didn't like?! I like the story better that way :) Cracks me up everytime. "Yeah, we better hang that one up."

    I love all the pics and the forts look awesome but where are pics from his 1st day of school?!?

    Oh Harper. Little chunkey monkey. Love it.

  2. What a crazy beautiful life you have :)

  3. I have yet to discover any foods that i can't eat the night before running. And i'm still sticking to the not eating before a run...or drinking. If there's nothing in there...there's nothing to come out :)

    PS...i can NOT believe how big your kids are getting!!