Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Midweek randoms…..

It’s Wednesday, it’s Wednesday! Doin a little happy dance because that means 1 more day of running before REST DAY!!! But then the day after is the big 10 miler (insert pathetic girly scream here).

K-State football starts this weekend, holla!!! My family is all traveling to Manhattan for the game, but we decided to stay home this weekend. I have my run Saturday morning, we have dinner plans Sunday and I have to work on Monday (boo) so it didn’t make sense to travel (alone) with 2 kids for a short visit. If Josh would have been able to take off and go with me, we totally would have gone. I will miss my fam, they will have so much fun together. Josh will have the game on at Willies here, so at least I can watch my beloved Cats first game of the season (insert Wabash Cannonball song here).

Is it Fall yet? I am over Summer, she and I are no longer on speaking terms, she has been brutal to us this year. I miss my Fall, he is so much nicer to us, and he smells better too (what YOU don’t think the seasons have a gender? Well they do.) I am over Summer’s clothing too, bring on Fall and his cute sweaters and fun boots (note to self: go buy cute sweaters and fun boots).

The kids: Some days they play soooo nicely together and the next day it’s like WWF in here and I have to pull Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin off each other every 2 seconds.  Paxton has some pretty awful battle wounds this week courtesy of Harper’s nails to his face. I tell him over and over to stay OUT of her face, to leave her alone if she is in a mood, but does he listen? Noooooo he gets right back in her face “hey baby you want to go to my room?” “baby can I have a kiss?” then…………whap! Her little hand makes direct contact with his face and holds.on.tight.  The end result is a pretty nasty bruise and a a cut from her nail (she literally has a death grip on his face). This has happened 3 TIMES this week! I really hope his teacher doesn’t call SRS on us, how do you explain to them that the bruises and cuts are from his 1 YEAR OLD SISTER?!?!?!?

Paxton has been helping Josh put in our sprinkler system the past couple weeks and last night we were standing in my friends yard, talking, and all of a sudden Paxton yells at us (pointing at the ground with a stick) “hey guys I think this is a good spot for another head (sprinkler head) and probably another one right about there (points with stick again).” He was so serious too, ha! So if anyone needs help putting in sprinkler heads, Pax is your guy!

Harper’s new thing lately is saying “uh-huh” and “yeah” after EVERYTHING you say! She says it in a little high pitched voice and it cracks me up. So I mentioned that she has been taking her diaper off in the morning before we go get her out of bed, well Sunday morning when I walked in she was COMPLETELY NAKED!!! So I have been putting onesies on her at night and that has deterred her a bit because she can’t get the snaps un-done. Ugh, baby girl is a mess. She also has been showing some interest in the potty, she will sit on it but so far nothing has happened. She also tells us when she needs her diaper changed and apparently that is a sign that they are ready. I know this sounds bad, but I was in NO rush to potty train her, 1. because she is not even 2 yet and 2. that means she is officially not a baby anymore. Waaaaanh!

So I am going to conclude this exciting post (sarcasm there peeps) with some pictures I took from Papa Jim’s farm a couple weeks ago.


Little background story to this one: we (Papa, Pax, Harper, Nana, and myself) took the Gator out to the fields to see the cows. Well it took us forever to find them and when we finally did Deb nonchalantly says “won’t they think we are here to feed them” Dave says “yeah probably” I say “what the heck does that mean!!” Well apparently it means they will ALL RUN RIGHT TOWARDS YOU (hence the photo above)!!!! OMG I was freaking out as this large herd of cattle came charging at us and we are in this tiny little cart with no doors or windows to close!!! So we turn the Gator around and then what do they do?……….follow us!! RUNNING!! So now we have a large pissed off herd of cattle running after us!!!

(Hence the following pics:)


Dave barely got out of the Gator and got the fence closed before they caught up with us. THAT would have been BAD if he hadn’t got the fence shut in time, I think we would have been herding cattle the rest of the day……….and I know NOTHING about herding cattle.


The farm got hit by a wind gust a month ago and it destroyed the barns. It ripped the roof right off of this one!!

And of course no visit to Papa Jim’s would be complete without petting Hall-E and some fun on the tire swing (Harper would take Hall-E home with us if she could…….she can’t)!!!

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Have a good rest of the week!!!


  1. omg was Harper freaking out with the cows getting that close? I'm sure you were screaming which in turn had her freaking out!

    No diapers doesn't give you enough motivation to potty train her? As big of an attitude as she has, you better just wait for the princess to be ready. I'm thinking she is though.

    I need a school update on Pax. And some more funny quotes. Does he have his football uniform ready for the game on Saturday?

  2. #1 love the pic of the barn with the guy hammering. #2 So funny Harper fell asleep on the gator, Boston used to fall asleep on the ranger all the time too!

  3. holy hell those cows were hauling balls!! I would have been freaking out too!! {When you told me the story I thought you were exaggerating a bit ;) sorry} Glad you guys were safe!!

    Great pics, I love them all!!Especially the one of gpa jim hugging pax, too sweet. and the tire swing ones!! The farm looks SOOO fun!!

    Sweet pic in the middle of the road {first one} real genious amy.

  4. Amy, your pictures are just great, I now get to see the farm through different eyes. Love the picture of Grandpa Jim with Pax and Harper is just adorable. I remember the cows coming at me many times, I am glad to know that my brother can still move fast...

  5. OMG Amy....the pics of your son with gpa....priceless! I hope you get them blown up and put in an old wooden frame. Very touching....and cute.