Monday, August 15, 2011


“move it monday”


I am linkin up with Ashley for a “Move it Monday” post. A month ago I would never do a Move it Monday post because I didn’t move much on Monday’s. However, now that we are into week 5 of half marathon training, I don’t have that option. I HAVE to get my training in on Monday (Sunday and Friday are rest days).

Training is going well. I have been getting up at 3:50 or 4:00 a.m. to meet up with the group to go run. Again, if you would have told me a month ago I would be getting up this early to run I would have slapped you in the face. It’s not easy, I mean 3:50 is SOOOO EARLY, it’s borderline insanity to set an alarm for that time, but that’s when the group goes so that’s when I go. It helps me so much to run with other people, that is my main motivation to get up that early, cause if I don’t then I will have to run later in the day alone and I just don’t do as well. Plus I go home after the run, shower, and usually lay down on couch or crawl back into bed, ha!

During the week we run 40-45 minutes each day. I have also been doing yoga once a week and I think it is really starting to help me with my breathing when I run and DEFINITELY helps all my sore muscles.

Saturday’s still our long runs. 2 Saturday’s ago we had 6 miles and this past Saturday we only had 5. I was in Manhattan on Saturday so I ran my 5 miles Friday morning.

Today was an easy 4o minute run, it was nice and cool this morning, LOVE IT!! Tomorrow we have a 60 minute run scheduled and will probably need to start at 4:00 a.m. cause one of our runners in the group is also our yoga instructor at the Y and has a yoga class scheduled at 5:00.

So that sums up my Move it Monday post, I can’t believe how much I have started enjoying running. My group I run with makes all the difference!!

I don’t really have any pictures to go with my running post so I will leave you with a few of the munchkins. They are constantly keeping me on the move. We have really enjoyed being able to go outdoors more now that it has finally cooled down. We are back to taking walks in the evenings and playing in the yard.

A couple weekends ago we went to the local rodeo, it was HOT but the kids loved it. (The first 5 pics were taken by Pax, he is my little photographer)

Photography class 032Photography class 038Photography class 042Photography class 058Photography class 076Photography class 081Photography class 085Photography class 087Photography class 096

Baking brownies with Mom:

Photography class 185Photography class 188Photography class 189Photography class 196Photography class 197Photography class 198Photography class 199Photography class 202

Happy Monday to everyone!!



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  1. girl, there is no way I would ever set my alarm for 3:50. you are amazing, keep it up!