Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Picture day….


The pictures in my last post had some new pictures I had taken of the kids last week.

I decided not to work on Thursday since I had Kids Night Out Saturday night. It was so nice out that I thought I would get the kids dressed in the morning and go to a few spots I had seen around town that would make for cool pics.

I hurried up and made a headband for Harper to wear (yeah I made that, wha-what!!) Can I just tell you how all sorts of out of control her hair is these days? It is….. in a major way. It won’t be long before it’s a full blown mullet…..can’t tell you how excited that makes me (sarcasm people, SARCASM).

Soooooo we drive to the first place and I get the kids to stand by each other and then Harper sees a bug…..and freaks out.

Sooooo we drive to the next stop, get the kids to stand next to each other, Harper hears a truck go by……..and freaks out.

We move to the other side of that house where there is less traffic, I get the kids to stand by each other, Harper hears a train in the distance…………and freaks out.

You can see the trend here can’t you? So I got a few pictures of Harper crying, and quite a few good ones of Paxton. Not sure how I managed that since I had a little monkey screaming at my feet and trying to climb up my leg. Not to mention that I was an idiot and wore a baseball cap, well it’s IMPOSSIBLE to use my camera with a hat on because the bill gets in the way. So I had to turn my hat BACKWARDS!!

Can you picture this? Me rockin the backward hat, squatting on the ground and even falling over a few times because Harper was still trying to climb up me, all the while screaming at Pax: “smile!” “look at the camera!” “no a REAL smile, you look like you are pooping!” It’s ok if you laugh, I am sure anyone watching us was totally laughing, AND pointing, AND possibly taping it for youtube.

I gave up, I threw in the towel, the kids won. We went to the park.

I got a couple of cute pictures there, Harper was a little more in her element…………..until a fire truck went by……..and well you can guess what happened next. SIGH.

Here are the rest of the pics from that eventful day, if you didn’t see the other pics I took scroll down to the post before this one (and shame on you, just kidding, sort of):

September 2011 015

see that tiny speck on the corner of the brick that Pax is staring at? Yeah that’s the bug that Harper freaked out about. Terrifying isn’t it?

September 2011 036


September 2011 043September 2011 045September 2011 064September 2011 080September 2011 081September 2011 098

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