Monday, September 12, 2011


That’s life………..


What happens when you let your 3 (almost 4!) year old wash his own hands before dinner?

A flooded bathroom, that’s what.

He usually washes his hands by himself, it never crossed my mind to check after he was done, I should have suspected something when he came out of the bathroom and closed the door. He NEVER closes the door behind him.

Nope, didn’t think about it, I was too focused on the homemade apple crisp I was going to be tearing up after dinner (you can see where my priorities are).

I went into the bathroom to get something out of the closet, and I hear water trickling in the sink behind me. Not full on gush, just a slight trickle.

I think to myself “silly Pax, he left the water running a little.” I turn around and see that the water is up to the top of the sink! He had pulled the plug up when he washed his hands so it didn’t drain.

I screamed and shut the water off and drained it. The water hadn’t spilled over the sink, so I laugh and tell Josh how lucky we got, it could have been a disaster!!

Or so we thought…………

I go in a couple hours later to wash my face for bed and step onto the rug in front of the sink and hear a “slosh.” The entire mat is soaking, as is the baseboard and the linoleum.

“What the………” I think to myself.

I call Josh in, we are trying to figure out where the water came from. It is not in the cupboards or the drawers, it is all UNDER the vanity, and UNDER the floor!

“Josh, the basement!” I said. This only occurred to me because one time when we were little, my sister and I decided to turn our bathroom into a slipper slide thinking my parents would never know……until water started dripping on them downstairs in the living room.

We run downstairs and sure enough there is a huge puddle on the floor underneath the bathroom and the insulation is all soaking wet(the basement is un-finished).

Luckily it leaked on the side where we don’t have anything stored so nothing important was damaged.

So now we are going to have to rip out the vanity and linoleum (can someone say mold?) and assess the damage. I HAVE been wanting a new vanity or at least to paint the one we have, so maybe this is a good excuse to finally do that.

When asked why he pulled the plug up when he washed his hands, Pax replied: “what else are you supposed to do with it Mom! It will never get used if you don’t!”

Of course……why didn’t I think of that?

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  1. oh man there is NEVER a dull moment in your house... e.v.e.r.

    But how could you ever be mad at that adorable FACE??!!

    Did you make Harper's rosettes?? They are AMAZING!! Cutest outfit ever!!


  2. yup I made it, boo ya!! Too bad she cried in ALL the pics (that's another post in itself).

    Yes our life is drama-rama all the time. What can ya do? Sell them on e-bay? Yeah already thought of that.

  3. Hilarious! He's got a good point though. He looks so freaking cute and old in these pics. Mr. GQ

    I agree with Amber, cute outfit and keep it up with the rosette headbands. So cute!