Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Fist pumpin over here!!!


Why you ask? Because it’s almost the freakin weekend and I have some stellar fun plans!! It’s the bro-in-laws 30th birthday (ha! old man!) so the hubs and I are going to Manhappiness (sans kids) to celebrate with my siblings and their significant others!!! Picture this if you will: my 3 siblings and I, no kids, K-State football game with LOTS of tailgating, the Ville, and glorious sleep (again with no kids!)………….fun freakin times!! I can’t wait! Oh yes…ahem…..I WILL miss the kids, but let’s be honest here, I am more than ready for a night off!

Labor day 2010 105

This was me and the sibs last year after one of the games………..I love you guys! Get your game faces on for Saturday, cause it’s ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!

We aren’t leaving until Saturday morning (so we will miss Friday night festivities, sad face) BUT it is our last Saturday group run for the half marathon and I really wanted to be there for that. Mainly because it’s group picture day and sorry but the group picture just wouldn’t be complete without my mug in there (kidding people!!) It’s only 5 miles on Saturday too, holla holla!! And then… weekend… in a little over a week away……is my race!!!! I can’t decide if I am nervous, I don’t think I am, but ask me a week from now and I will probably be a wreck!

Ya know what else is super exciting in my life right now? We are FINALLY finishing our basement……..what? you didn’t just get super excited for that? Loser. Ok so maybe it’s just exciting for me, and maybe my family so they can have their own guest room and bathroom now and won’t have to sleep in Paxton’s room. Construction should start in about 3 weeks, right now we are cleaning out the shit fest boxes and clutter down there and moving it all to a storage unit.




Ok I may have gasped when I saw this…….it’s a kids nook UNDER the stairs! We have a space exactly like this under our basement stairs and originally it was going to be storage……until I saw this. Then I was like “oh no you di’nt just show me this adorable little nook” and then I was all like “it has to be MINE……….er, the kids I mean, it’s FOR.THE.KIDS.” However, if you can’t find me one day, I might be holed up in there, reading and drinking wine….. hey it can have dual purposes!! Play nook/Mommy Time Out Spot!! I dig…big time. Here is another example:



Oh be still my heart, it is all just too cute!!




This is kind of what I am thinking for the basement, pretty neutral with lots of color pops! NO dark colors cause it will already be so dark down there. Doesn’t this just scream “come on down and cozy up in the love shack and watch a movie…….ignore Mom who is giggling like a mad woman in the kids nook/wine and reading room, she is still a bit excited about it.” Yeah I thought so too.

What’s that you say? You want updates on the kids? What kids? Oh MY kids, that’s right, I forgot I had those since they are both currently sleeping and thus not yelling, crying, drooling or destroying the house!!


He is ob-sess-ed with Dinosaurs, he LOVES Dino Dan and learns all these long named dinosaurs that even I can’t pronounce! He will be hiding in his room and I will ask him what he is hiding from and he will say:

“Constanopus, MOM!!”

What the h-e-double hockey sticks is a Constanopus and how do you even freakin spell that?

September 2011 013

check out Baby Girls crazy nap hair….don’t be jealous.

I think I need to buy him a pet. Poor kid STILL talks about King, the fish that I killed (not on purpose, I swear!!). Then the other day in the yard he was digging in the dirt and found a worm and he carried that worm around and talked to it and was so gentle with it. A WORM…..A WORM!!! Yes I do believe I am traumatizing my kid by not allowing him a real pet and thus forcing him to have a worm as his pet (and no wormie did NOT come inside, I told Pax he had to be an outdoor pet). I just can’t think of any pet that doesn’t shed, poop, make messes, smell, etc. A pet rock? That would be ideal.

September 2011 022

helpin Papa mow our yard……..look at what the hot summer did to our once lush yard………I am pretty sure Josh cries whenever he looks at it. No worries though, they already planted new grass…..duh.

We were talking in the car the other day about what will happen when Pax is all grown up with kids of his own:

Me: One day buddy, you will live in your own house and have a wife and kids of your own. Until then you have to live by my rules (holy cow I have turned into my Mother!!)

Pax: Yes I will have kids Mom, but not a wife, I am allergic to girls. I think I will live in Kansas City with Aiden instead. But Mom you HAVE to tell him he has to share his toys with me!

Me: So you won’t ever get married then?

Pax: No, Harper can be the Mommy and clean the house while I go to work at Willies.

Oh child there are so many things wrong with that sentence. First of all never marry your sister, that’s illegal. Also I MUST get it through your head before you are older that woman are NOT just put on this earth to clean up after men (finger snap!) and let’s explore medical school before going the sports bar route mmmmkay? It will pay better and Dr. Paxton Hall has a nice ring to it don’t ya think?

September 2011 028

his hair is getting long, think we may let it grow out a bit. Summer IS over after all!

Today when I put him down for his nap:

Pax: Mom, you can’t leave your heart chained up, you have to give it away.

Me: Uh……….what?

Pax: Give your heart to God, don’t keep it chained up.

Me: Oh!!!! Yes Pax, giving your heart to God is good, do you give your heart to God?

Pax: Yes he is in my tummy right now.


September 2011 039


She continues to uphold her reputation as my difficult child.The diaper issue is about to put me over the edge!! I walked in her room the other morning and she just holds her diaper out to me and smiles all innocent like and says “hi Mommy!” while standing in the crib stark ass naked!! Gah!!

September 2011 015

Yesterday Josh was home with the kids all day and he informed me that she went poop in her diaper, then took the diaper off so the turd fell out. He scrambled to pick it up and went to throw it and the diaper away, walks back into the living room and she is peeing on the carpet!!! Ha! So glad he gets to experience those glamorous moments of staying home with the kids………….see dude? It’s not all bon-bons and soap operas (are soap operas even on still?)

She has also went all Jersey Shore on me and goes around the house yelling “MA!” at me.

September 2011 024

Uh yeah……we were at an outdoor wedding on Saturday and Harper started throwing a fit so Josh took her around the corner so she wouldn’t  interrupt the ceremony. After it was over, Josh brings her back………..looking like this!!!

One day she kept yelling “hoo hoo hi” at me. I had no idea what she was saying and she was getting so mad at me because whatever “hoo hoo hi” was she wanted it…..NOW!! She walks in the kitchen and pulls open the kitchen drawer where we keep paper and pens, and she pulls out a pen and says “hoo hoo hi” and smiles. Oh duh (smack my forehead) of COURSE “hoo hoo hi” means pen!!! It’s so obvious isn’t it? What the hell?

September 2011 036

The other day I walked into the living room and she had gotten the kitchen towel and was putting it on the ottoman. She jumped when I walked into the living room and looked all guilty so I went and moved the towel and she had wrote all over it with the “hoo hoo hi” and knew she was in trouble so she was covering it up with the towel! Shneaky shneaky little lady! (the pen came right off, thank goodness)

So wow that post just turned into a novel…………my bad! Have a good Wednesday, only 2 more days until the weekend (fist pump, fist pump, fist pump).

September 2011 011September 2011 043



  1. Fist pumping here too. I am ssooo excited for this weekend AND for you do finish your basement! As much as I love Pax's bed, I don't think you want him sleeping with you guys for the next 10 years when people come visit.

    Omg Pax melts my heart. Can we bottle him up and make more of him? Cause I want my little boy to be just like him. He is the sweetest little guy ever!

    And omg I can't believe Harper peed and pooped in the house!! I just realized after I typed this that you would think Harper was a dog! She is going to love her little doll house will I!

  2. LOVE the idea for under the stairs! So cute!! No fist pumping for me here tho, so sad I can't make it this weekend! I know you guys are going to have an amazing time! Enjoy & know I'm SUPER jealous!!