Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I see skies of blue…..


“Clouds of white, the bright blessed day, the dark sacred night, and I think to myself what a wonderful world!”

Don’t you think we all need to be reminded of this sometimes? I couldn’t think of a blog title, and I was thinking how easy it is to let life get you down sometimes but you can’t let it……ya gotta keep on keepin on peeps!!!!

It’s hard not to feel happy with the weather we are having, it’s fabuloso, fantastico, magnifico, beautifico, and downright glorious!! I had to run this morning in pants and a jacket (fist pumpin!)

Our labor day weekend was good, nothin too exciting: A short little 10 1/2 mile run Saturday morning (yes Brandi it IS important to throw that 1/2 in there, leave me alone); a little K-State football action Saturday night (Cats, we gotta pull ourselves together, that game wasn’t pretty); a night out with friends Saturday night (holla holla holla); Sunday family grocery shopping trip (H.E.double hockey sticks…just sayin); dinner at a friends house Sunday night (yummo!);and work on Monday for Josh and I (boo, yes you CAN feel sorry for us). That was our weekend in a nutshell.

So I finally remembered to write down funny Paxton sayings this week, so in no specific order, here they are:

At the bank drive-thru:

P: “Mom what would happen if bunnies jumped into our house?”

Me: (looking all around for a picture of a bunny or SOMETHING that would have sparked him saying this, there was nothing) “Uh, then we would have bunnies in our house, why do you ask?”

P: (looking out the window) “Oh just wondering.”

One day while I was working on computer and Pax was playing on the floor:

P: “Mom! Do you think it’s ok to get off the couch and just leave without giving your kids hugs and kisses!”

Me: (Racking my brain, wondering if I had done this lately? I NEVER leave without giving the kids tons of hugs and kisses) “No Pax, why would you say that?”

P: “Just sayin…… it wouldn’t be nice.” (never once did he quit playing during this conversation, odd.)


In the bathroom the other day, I am getting ready and Pax walks in and starts going to the bathroom while CLAPPING his hands!!

Me: “Gah!! Pax do NOT clap while you pee!! Keep it in the toilet!”

I only write this because I NEVER thought those words would ever come out of my mouth. EVER.

I like to pretend my kids are always like this:

august 2011 001

Oh look at us being all B.F.F on the front porch, havin a nice little chat.” (yes this pic was taken through my glass front door and YES those are finger prints all over the glass, don’t judge me.)

Or maybe they could always be like this:

august 2011 007

Here we are posin in our purple getty-up before the K-State and Butler game. We LOVE each other!!”

But……….remember in my last post when I talked about Paxton’s issue with respecting personal space, mainly his sisters? Well let’s just see what happens shall we?:

august 2011 008

Here is he is, getting closer, she is eyein him like “boy don’t you even think about it!! Doesn’t this drool all over my shirt deter you at ALL?!?!?”…..

august 2011 009

Nope apparently big drool spot does not deter him so he goes in for the kill and………….

august 2011 010

“Bam! Sucker punch in the face! I warned you fool!!”


august 2011 011

august 2011 006

“What? I didn’t do anything. I am perfect, I am a princess, don’t you see my sweet smile?” (and more drool, seriously teeth COME IN ALREADY!!)

Oh pity me, this is so my life these days. I really should wear a black & white ref shirt all the time, I bet I could go pro with it. How much do refs make these days? I should look into that.

But sometimes (really stressing the word sometimes here folks) I turn around and catch them doing this:

august 2011 015

And I think “ok good, they DO love each other!” Literally I was in the kitchen and they were sitting on the floor watching cartoons and the next thing I know I look over and he is holding her. Awwwwwww.

And 2 more pics of my little “princess”

august 2011 019august 2011 020

Ha! Doesn’t she just EXUDE orneryness (is this a word? it is now). She is still getting naked in the morning, and apparently she took her pants off in Kid Zone today……..yup totally lady-like, that’s how she rolls.

Happy Wednesday all!!


  1. 1. WOOT WOOT on the 10.5!!! That is further then any training run I ever did!! Your going to kill that half!!!

    2. I LOVE the play by play of the kids! Too flipping cute!!

    3. THANK GOD it's hoodie weather.

  2. omg Im laughing SO hard!! Paxton is HILARIOUS!!! You're so lucky you get to hang out with him all the time ;)

    Ms. Harper is funny too!! I love when she beats up on pax... so much for a girly girl :) So glad you captured that beat down on camera! ha!
    {ps, the drool... GAH!!!}

  3. Abby, yeah my motto is "I am going to make that race my bitch" (sorry for the language but when you are running 10+ miles, you really aren't saying nice words in your head.)

    Amber, yes I know I am lucky to be with them a lot, I need reminded of that sometimes so thanks. Yeah I just kept shooting with the camera as the fight unfolded, MOM OF THE YEAR!

    Yeah the drool is out of control and totally grosses me out. I might need to bust the bibs out of storage, whoda thunk it?

  4. Harper Ellison! You be nice to your brother! Who would have thought we would have to say this to a little girl about her OLDER brother?! Poor Pax, just trying to be a nice brother and bam! bitch comes out! They need k-state gear ASAP!

    You have got to keep posting these comments from Pax cause they crack me up! What goes on in his head? This shit is random!

    I'm with ya, Ian and Gage drool like crazy and it drives me nuts! They are too old for bibs but I hate their shirts soaking wet. I don't even think they are teething!

    And a half of a mile means A LOT! Good work!

  5. Glorious: “Bam! Sucker punch in the face! I warned you fool!!”