Tuesday, November 1, 2011

4 Years Old!!

That’s what Paxton David Hall is today!

From day 1 Paxton has been strong-willed and a bit stubborn. I wanted a Halloween baby SOOOO bad, and wouldn’t you know my contractions started at MIDNIGHT on November 1st, a few minutes after Halloween was over. I wanted a normal birth; contractions, epidural, pushing, baby…….nope he decided to scare us all to death and warranted an emergency c-section.


Happy Birthday to my Little Man, you have given us so much joy during these last 4 years. You love school, you are super protective of your sister, you think helping Daddy and Papa is the best thing ever, and your paper hoarding (as annoying as it is) is just a quirk of yours that I wouldn’t change.


Your energy wears me out most days, I have no idea how you go all day being THAT rambunctious!! You rarely take naps, so you are going, going, going all day! You exhaust me just watching you.

You love sports, you can’t wait to play football for the Wildcats, you watch ESPN all the time with Daddy and some days prefer football highlights over morning cartoons (every guys dream kid right?).






However, you are also quite sensitive and get embarrassed easily. I hope the sensitive part doesn’t change as you get older, I think the world needs more sensitive males who are in touch with their feelings…..believe me women will LOVE that!! Wait, maybe I shouldn’t encourage women loving you because I don’t want you to ever leave your Momma and I know that happens once girls come into the picture.




Right now you love dinosaurs and Transformers. When you go to the farm with Papa, you scour the fields for “dinosaur bones” aka COW BONES, then you bring them home and I gag and tell you to take them outside and wash your hands!! Papa thinks this is hilarious.

Your favorite foods are chicken nuggets and hot dogs, mmmmmmmmmm healthy! Don’t worry, you also love broccoli, green beans and any fruit. You do not like any kind of potato, I have no idea how you are my child and won’t touch potatoes, that’s not even right!




When you go to bed at night, you make Dad or I put down a blanket on top of your sheets because you don’t like cold sheets. Whaaaaat?!?!?! Cold sheets are the best! You would stay up all night if we let you, you are a night owl just like your Dad. You also like to sleep in and we have a hard time getting you up for school most mornings. Even with Harper banging on your head and screaming “Dax!!!” (she hasn’t got her P’s down yet) you still sleep through it!

I love you so much Buddy, I am sad you are getting older, but I also enjoy seeing you grow up and become your own person. I love going on dates with you and having movie nights on Fridays. You test my patience, you talk my ear off, you make me laugh and sometimes cry but most importantly…… you make me proud to be your Mom.

Happy Birthday Paxton!!



  1. Great Pictures! happy birthday Paxton!

  2. Can't believe it's already been 4 years! I will never forget my phone going off 5 times as I was taking a final. I knew it was you so I asked my teacher if I could answer and sure enough, Pax was on his way. I even got out of my 1 hour writing final early! Those pictures are sssooo good.