Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween and a Photo Shoot

What’s that you say? Halloween was 4 days ago? Yes I am aware of this, just a bit delayed in posting this. Besides EVERYONE posted a Halloween blog the day after and I like to be different….yeah that’s the reason I am doing it 4 days late, lets go with that mmmmmmmk?

This was the first year that Pax didn’t want to be what I wanted him to be (a Hamburger, hi-la-ri-ous!!, he said it was weird) and he wanted to choose his own costume. Optimus Prime, whoa ORIGINAL!! I am pretty sure I saw no less than 50 Optimus Primes on Halloween. Harper was a Bumblebee, also not original, but only cost me $8 so we went with it. Next year we are bringing the smack down on originality, just you wait!!

I had to work all day on Halloween getting the haunted house set up at the Y, then I had to work IN the haunted house (I love scaring kids, when they cry, I giggle, I know I am a bit twisted) so I missed Trick or Treat Down the Street with them but Josh was able to go.

I got home about 7 and ate dinner super fast and then we were out the door to get Mommy the kids, some candy!!

Harper cracked me up! We put her in the wagon and it only took her a couple houses to get this trick or treating business figured out. “Wait, you’re tellin me we walk to the door, knock on it, look super cute, and get candy? BOO-YA!!” She would literally BAIL out of the wagon when we got to the next house and run up to the door. Forget her stranger danger phobia, these strangers were giving her candy so she turned on her best smile and milked it for all it was worth. We would be chatting it up with our neighbors and she would be taking handfuls of candy out of their bowls and dumping it into her bag, then she would take off running for the wagon, Dukes of Hazzard it in (forget the wagon door, she tucked and rolled), and would just look at us like “c’mon, times a wastin, we have more houses to go and more candy to get!!”

And we got lots of candy!! It speaks to me from all the way in the kitchen, and I yell at it “damn you candy, quit talking to me!!! (shaking fist).” Majority of the time it wins and I eat some. I have no will-power.

Fall pictures 140

Halloween day, we had just got home from work and I was locked out of the house, so what do you do when locked out of the house?………Take pictures of course!!!!

Fall pictures 134Fall pictures 136

Fall pictures 147Fall pictures 148

Double-fistin the goods!!

Fall pictures 151Fall pictures 156Fall pictures 158Fall pictures 159

Fall pictures 161

And now onto a picture overload. Don’t say you weren’t warned!! I needed fall pictures of the kids, I just love the leaves right now and I know soon (probably within the next 5 minutes) they will all be gone and the trees will be bare, it will be freezing and I will be wanting summer back. It’s a vicious cycle peeps, a vicious cycle.

A lot of these are of Harper, I already posted the ones of Pax on my last post. So don’t get all judgy with me thinking I favor one kid over the other….cause that changes on a daily basis!!

And another thing, I made her headband, yeah I am cool like that. Thank you pinterest!! Although you suck the life out of me and make me waste hours of my day on you, you are actually good for some things. Now if I could only do the other 5 million projects I have pinned I would be like Martha freakin Stewart!!
















































Alright, that’s it for now. I am off to Wichita to get all the stuff (literally EVERYTHING, I haven’t got one thing for it yet) for Paxton’s birthday party that is in 2 days. Nothin like waiting till the last minute to do it all! I work best under pressure though, and I gots this unda control yo!!!

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  1. Great pics Amy...cute kids....great fall colors =)