Friday, November 18, 2011

What Up?

Hi, remember me? Blog slacker here, I have been bizzee, don’t hate.

Life has been a little crazzee (I am likin the double z double e, go with it). I am not complaining, whose life isn’t busy? That’s just the way it goes, and ya gotta roll with it or it will bulldoze the shit out of you.

Finishing the basement has consumed our lives lately. Last Thursday, Josh and I went to Lowe’s to get a new bath vanity, tile, light switch COVERS, electrical COVERS (buying COVERS for light switches and electrical outlets is right up there with having a root canal). Don’t be jealous of our exciting life. However, we rewarded ourselves for accomplishing that mind numbing shopping trip with sushi afterwards. Sushi makes everything better, right?

Pax had to get shots on Monday, he took it like a champ. I let him pick where we would go eat lunch after shots, Subway! Really kid? I was banking on Mickey D’s but whatev. I had told him before we went that he was getting shots, I didn’t want to hide it from him or sugar coat it. I told him; “you’re gettin' shots, it’s probably gonna hurt, but it will be over super fast”. He was being really brave and had accepted his fate until……….

The nurses had him pinned down on the table.

I was holding his arms down and he looks right at me and says “Mommy I changed my mind, I don’t want shots.” Waaaaah! Yeah I started crying and told him it was too late. So awful to look at your child and know they are about to be in pain and you have to hold them down while it is inflicted on them. He cried, I cried (probably harder than him) but he was done crying by the time we had his pants pulled up. Tough dude, fist bump my little man, Mom is proud of you.

All was good after that, we got Subway (I pretended it was a cheeseburger) and he was back to normal, until……..

That night, midnight to be exact, when he wandered into our room crying and burning up. Our kids always react badly to vaccines; swollen legs, high fevers, pain, tears, you get the point. He got into bed with me and tossed and turned and fevered all night. The fever finally broke about 4 a.m. and that’s when I finally went to sleep. I just can’t sleep when my kids have high fevers, scares the bejeezus out of me!!

Fall Fun 2011 040

Potty training………..we’re doin’ it. And not because I chose to, but because Miss Harper apparently thinks it is time. I was totally ok with waiting until she was 2 or older, I am good with being average, Missy Poo is the one who wants to be the over-achiever. Brown noser. The other night I had JUST changed her diaper, and put on her pajamas and not 5 minutes later she looks at me and says “pee!”

Gah, really? I just put on a new diaper and pajamas do we really need to take it all off?


She runs to the bathroom, so I follow her, take EVERYTHING back off, put her on the toilet…..and we sit. And sit. And sit. We sing some songs, point out things in the bathroom (a TOWEL!! How exciting!!) and then she starts grunting and………..ok I will spare you the deets but it ended in her dropping a deuce in the toilet. I clapped, I cried (yup, cried) and maybe even danced a little. If you are a parent, you know how awesome this is! Potty training sucks. Getting your child to go #2 on the toilet sucks even more, so when your child pretty much does it on their own………..yeah that warrants a happy dance in the bathroom. And of course a picture taken on the phone and sent to Daddy at work who screamed when he saw it and showed it to his employees (he doesn’t get that NOBODY else wants to see that shit, LITERALLY!) Ok Harper, you’re a big girl now, go ahead and grow up and turn into a sulken teenager and hate me.

Fall Fun 2011 076Fall Fun 2011 078Fall Fun 2011 080

Thanks Paula Ridgway for knitting BOTH the hats in these pictures. I about die from the cuteness of them!!

Paxton has been a little “temperamental” these days. One trip to Walmart included him going batshit crazy because he couldn’t get a toy, and I had to leave after only getting bananas and apples. I had to drag him out of the store kicking and screaming and shove him in the car (he wouldn’t get in!). I was just waiting for someone to turn me in for kidnapping, but I am sure they realized nobody in their right mind would kidnap that hot mess. I will NEVER judge that parent in Walmart who has a screaming kid. Been there, done that, I feel like I am part of a secret club now, the: “my child has thrown the mother-load of fits in Walmart” club. I was quite ok NOT being in that club.

Fall Fun 2011 049

Just a couple random thoughts, cause no blog post would be complete without them.

Transformers! I hate them! I am convinced you have to have an engineering degree to figure those stupid toys out. Pax will bring a jumbled mess of plastic to me and ask me to turn it into a car. Say what!!! How the hell am I supposed to do that? I try my hardest, I really do, but they just piss me off. And I never can actually do it. Thus, the reason I hate Transformers. Well that and because they cost a fortune.

Breaking Dawn……….I was one of the peeps who went to the midnight showing of it. As I was walking out the door at 10:45 I looked at Josh and said “I am too old for this!” HOWEVER, totally worth it, loved the movie! And I have decided I am Team Charlie now (Bella’s Dad). I mean he is so freakin cute and funny and won’t suck your blood or claw your face off, win-win!!

Facebook……..I am annoyed by it on a daily basis.

1. Because it will never be as cool as pinterest and 2. I am sick of peoples drama and boo-hooing all the time on it. Wanh wanh wanh people, nobody cares……..hmmmmm maybe I am just getting old and grouchy? Rhetorical question, rhetorical question.

And to finish off this post? A few funny Paxton sayings:

The other day it started snowing. I got so excited!

“Pax come here!! It’s snowing!!”

Pax wanders in nonchalantly…. “are you serious?”

Why would I lie about that!?!?!

I told him the other day that he was so smart and he walks away shrugging

“yeah, I’m 4.”

Yeah? Well I am 29, so there.

The other night I put him to bed, he whined and stalled, and whined and wanted me to lay with him (no sir, I have tv shows dvr’d that are calling my name!). I went out to the living room and hear him say:

“Mom! Mom!”


“Why do you and Dad get to sleep together” I totally remember asking myself this question when I was little. I remember thinking that of course parents are never scared, they get to sleep together!! Not fair!!

“Because we are married, and when you get married you can have someone to sleep with.” Pretty sure my parents said the same thing to me when I was little. I still didn’t think it was fair.

2 minutes later:

“Mom! Mom!”


“Is God telling me to be brave right now”

“Yes, God is telling you to be brave……..and He is saying to go to sleep!”

It worked, he fell asleep about a second later.

Ok that’s all folks.

Happy weekend……. Go Cats……….wish me luck on our potty training bootcamp that will commence all weekend. Be jealous, be VERY jealous!

Fall Fun 2011 086Fall Fun 2011 090


  1. Hate shots!! Nice job Pax!! (I think I cried more than Boston too!)... I also hate transformers for the EXACT same reason, I just can't get em one way or the other! Can't believe lil miss is ready! Exciting!!

  2. How ironic - you're amy - i'm amy - you're married to [your] josh - i'm married to [my] josh!

  3. my ISO is was pulled way 6400! insane.

    your kids are uhhhdorbs.