Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Random Ramblings………..

Seriously, believe me when I say RAN-DOM, because I haven’t really blogged forever so I have a bajillion things going around in my head. Please forgive me. (PS- all pictures are from my phone because my big camera has been in my car for a week with an un-charged battery- winning!!)

Let’s begin with kid updates, shall we?


He is back to school now….vacation OVER. I think this is harder on me because I am the one that has to get him (and Josh) up in the mornings and it sucks.

He started basketball. After his first practice we were driving home and I said:

“you did good buddy, you just need to practice on…”

then he interrupted me, sighed and said:

“I know, I know, my dribbling.”

So apparently the coach told him the same thing, ha! Shooting he has down, dribbling, not so much. It’s pretty much just running with the ball. That’s called traveling son, and it’s not legal.

We were driving home (do you see a trend here? all of our deep convos happen in Swagger Wagon) after a preschool board meeting the other night and I told Pax that I got to hold a baby the whole time. Thus ensued a discussion of babies, and what tummy every family member came out of, and what tummy Harper and him came out of and then………..wait for it………….THE dreaded question………..

“Mom, how do the babies get in there!!!”

Screeeeeeeeeeech!! Slam on the brakes!!!!!! Wha-at!! I thought I had at least 3-5 more years before I had to tackle this question. So I did what any other Mother would do………….laughed nervously, turned up the radio, and pretended I didn’t hear him. Duh.

He informed Josh yesterday that he needed a new basketball goal and a cell phone. Josh told him he already had a Tranformers cell phone, and he said “yeah but that only calls Optimus Prime.” Well played Little Man, well played. You still aren’t getting a cell phone though.


He wanted to go downstairs to help Daddy and Papa Long in the basement and this is the getty-up he dressed himself in to go down there. Keep in mind it was 50 degrees that day AND the basement is temperature controlled, so yes this was a bit excessive.


Papa Long has come up twice now to help us with the basement (ok when I say us I mean Josh). He helped us (Josh)  out soooo much with the trimming and all the doors. The kids also loved having him around and constantly fought for his attention!


K-State @ the Cotton Bowl- his face says it all. I feel ya Buddy, I feel ya. (Shut it B, you have gloated enough. Wanh, wanh, wanh). My BFF is a Razorback fan (in my defense I did not know this until she had already trapped me with her mind powers) so this loss was especially hard for me!!!


She started a dance class for 2 year olds, and the cuteness of it about slays me. Unfortunately, the class is on Fridays during my staff meeting so my friend takes her for me (parent participation required since they are so little). I did sneak up to the studio during my meeting to take a peek (it’s literally upstairs from where my meeting is) and she was doing so good! My friend said that she listened very well to the teacher (I’m sorry, you are talking about Harper right) and did everything she asked her to (are you sure!?) and loved every minute (ok that’s not shocking, girlfriend loves to dance). 2 year old dance class today…..Dance Moms tomorrow (tell me you watch that show, it’s great!!)



I love technology, and technology keeps my kids super quiet so I can watch a bowl game. Thank you.

Still potty trained. Doing great, no problems at all. Except…….

Josh calls me at work yesterday to inform me that she tried to pee in her dollhouse!!

The dollhouse has a little toilet in it that flushes when you close the lid. Soooooo she decided that that toilet would be sufficient for her non-doll size bum!!! Not so much. The result: a tiny amount of pee on the dollhouse, a large amount of pee all over Harper and the carpet. So happy that happened on Dad’s day home with them!!!

She punched me square in the jaw the other night cause I was in her face telling her she was cute. Like, lit-er-ally pulled her arm back and punched me!!! She goes straight for the face these days when she is mad. She was throwing a fit the other day and Josh picked her up to put her in time-out and I said “watch out for your…………”



Too late, she went for it, and she got him good. So now when she is throwing a fit and going to time-out we have to pick her up and face her AWAY from us.


I texted this picture to my sister the other day, and I joked that I was practicing her side swoop and bump early. Ha! I was only half kidding. However. these days she is rockin:


A ponytail, woot woot!!!! Fist pump, fist pump, fist pump.


Where do I start with this picture? Ok….1. These are the superhero capes and masks that “Santa” brought. They love them and they DO look pretty stinkin’ cute in them. 2. Harper’s hair, it’s post nap, that’s how we roll sometimes….. go with it. 3. Harper’s outfit…….this is where it gets interesting. She took off her pants and underwear, and pulled out 2 SHIRTS from her dresser and put those on like skirts (still sans underwear). Next Project Runway designer? That’s for you to decide…….I won’t hold my breath.

Love my kids, but man there is never a dull moment with them!!

So………….. I had full intentions of blogging about our basement renovation and have not done it at all (I am sure you are all SUPER sad about this). I didn’t even take before pictures and NOW I am really kicking myself in the a#$ because it has come so far. It doesn’t even look like the same house!

Before: Storage room- a.k.a. throw anything you may or may not ever use again down there and then run away fast!!!! It was dark, it was smelly, it was dirty and YES it was scary. That is where our washer and dryer was/is and I would always do laundry while looking over my shoulder every 2.2 seconds. I was afraid a spider, a ghost or sasquatch was going to jump out of the shadowy corners and get me.

Now: It’s glorious. Even without carpet, it is a 150% improvement. I heart it in a big way. It’s bright (thank you canned lighting, you might have cost me an entire kidney, but damn you light up my basement like the 4th of July), it’s not smelly, it IS still dirty (stupid sheetrock dust, will you EVER go away!!) and BONUS it has a fully functional bathroom!!!! We are this close to being done, all that is left is a little trim and carpet.













This is the little doorway that will go into the kids “clubhouse” it will eventually (read, hopefully) look a little somethin’ like this:


Or this:



Yes!!! This makes ME want to go in there and hang out (and I probably will, don’t judge me).

And here is 2 more random phone pics! This is before Willie’s Christmas party:



Ok, I will stop now. If you are still reading this then: CONGRATULATIONS, you have no life either. I am kidding!!!! But seriously, why are you still reading this? I put myself to sleep 10 minutes ago.

Peace suckas!


  1. you looked SO good at the xmas party!! Wish you would have taken a pic a pic sans jacket and head to toe :)

    Pax is flippin hilarious... way to field that baby question. I would have done the same thing :)

    Baby girl is sassy! cant believe she is punching you guys in the face. wow. Love the pony tail!!

    the basement looks amaze-balls. love the paint color in the bathroom!!

  2. The basement looks awesome! Are you sure us adults can fit our big bootys in that doorway under the stairs? Cause I'm gonna be real mad If I can't play in there!!

    Pax and Harper crack me up!! I can't believe she smacks you guys in the face! You better put an end to that ASAP!

    Harpers swoop and bump...hilarious!!

    You guys looked so cute/handsome for the x mas party.