Thursday, January 26, 2012

Project 52- TWO & THREE

I have one word for myself….SLACKER!! I have done good about TAKING pictures for project 52, I have been BAD at uploading and editing them! Whoopsie daisies. So you get week 2&3 together. Lucky you. I switched up the layout of the photos after looking at some other blogs. I hope this will make it easier when making my book at the end of the year.


I struggle with this daily, because I don’t want to seem hard, or un-caring with my children, but I want them to be tough, and strong. When they fall, I don’t gasp or run to them, I let them get up and keep going. I don’t freak out over every cut or bruise, and I don’t get mad when I see other kids push them or hit them. I know that they are independent little creatures and that they can handle themselves. I DO worry about them, I DO cringe (inside) every time I see them tumble, I DO hold my breath when I see other kids shove them, but I DON’T let them see me freak out because then they freak out and it only makes the situation worse. It has always been important to Josh and I to raise tough kids, not un-kind or mean kids, but strong kids that can pick themselves up when they fall, and that can keep going when things get rough.


I love Harper’s eyes, they are just like my sister Sarah’s eyes; they change color depending on the color of shirt she is wearing. I love that she has a part of my sister in her. That means that no matter how far apart I am from Sarah, my daughter carries a piece of her always.

So now I have exactly 1 day to get picture 4 up. Any bets on if that is going to happen on time?


  1. Awww... I LOOOOVE that pic of josh and pax!! So sweet!! I love Harper's eyes too... I never realized it til you said it but they are like sarah's!

  2. Aaww this made me cry! So happy Harper has a little part of me :)

    And Pax looks so cute listening to daddy.