Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our life lately

We have been busy busy busy in the Hall household!! To say I am ready for the slower life that comes with summer time would be an understatement. Don't get me wrong, I loooooove spring, I looooove this weather (the wind? Not so much. Go away. You suck) I loooooove all the pretty flowers and trees, but we have so much going on this spring and I am just ready for summer. It's my fault though, I have a little (and by that I mean BIG) problem with saying no to people, the result? I get involved in way too many things and then get way overwhelmed.

The main thing on our agenda lately? Gettin ready for Auntie Sarah's wedding!!! We had her shower this past weekend and the wedding is in 2 1/2 weeks (holy moly I am gonna be a blubbering mess!!) The shower was great, thank you to Lisa Browning who did a wonderful job putting it all together. Then that night we (me, my 2 sisters and my cousin Kayla) had "adult craft time" which involved making church pew wreaths and had some "drinks". We had a blast, well at least I did. I love doing monotonous work like hot gluing 200 tissue paper circles onto a foam circle (you think I am kidding? I am not) but some people do not enjoy it as much and would rather facebook and then go to bed early (I'm lookin at you Amber).

Here are pics from Sarah's shower:
Lisa decorated these, they were adorable!

Sarah's favorite food ever was served at the shower.....pigs- n- a- blanket.

Harper got to come to the shower......we left the crazy boys at home.

The kids are doin well, Pax is in soccer now and still hoarding. His new thing is paper, any kind, he likes it all. I will catch him sneaking receipts off the counter and running to his room to put it in his "hoarding spot" and while at cousin Aiden's house he tried to steal a set of instructions to Aiden's train table. Really? Trying to steal the TRAIN TABLE would make sense to me (hey go big or go home) but the piece of paper the instructions are on? I'll pass. So at what point do I become concerned about this? I guess it could be worse.....he could be eating the paper like those people on that show "My Strange Addiction" seriously what is THAT about?!?!

Harper......oh Harper, Harper, Harper. She is saying a few more words but STILL.NOT.MAMA!!! I have come to the conclusion that she is intentionally doing it and this is just the first of many rebelling moments she will have with me. She will look right at me and call me Dada and then grin real big like "man I know I am pissing you off royally by doing this, and I am loving every minute!" She also has this habit of throwing all of her food off her tray when she is done eating, then the tray, then the placemats from the table, then anything else she can get her hands on. Our kitchen floor is a disaster during feeding time. I kind of want to feed her outside on the deck cause I am sick of cleaning all the time. Then I could just hose her off when she was done, right? Don't judge me, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Talking on the phone........it's actually a toy, but she was pretending it was her phone and blabbering away.

Watching Daddy mow the yard.

We had a great weekend with my family. I love watching my nephew and my kids play together. Josh and I leave for Vegas next week for 4 days (this will be the longest I have ever been away from the kids and I am nervous) then we will be back in time for Easter then the next week we head to Manhattan for THE WEDDING!!! I still have a maid of honor speech to write.............crap!

Aiden's pouty face.

PS- Has anyone used the new photo upload on here? Man that thing pisses me off!!! The pictures WILL NOT move where I want them too!!! I have been thinking of switching blog networks, maybe wordpress? I am kind of fed up with blogger. Anyone know anything about wordpress?


  1. Thanks for the shower pics. I'm gonna do a post and use them now :) What in the world is Pax doing with his fingers in all those pics of him in the plaid shorts? I think i've had the new picture thing on blogger for awhile, I hate doing posts because the pics drive me crazy. They are SO hard to arrange and put in the right spot!

  2. what is this blog world?? soo cute, amy! your photos are so amazing...keep the posts coming :)-lindsey

  3. i was wondering about pax's fingers too :) good luck with your speech - i started gina's and then started bawling, we hugged & moved on AHAHA. typical... les