Saturday, April 2, 2011

Little Farmers

This title is actually pretty comical because, as I found out today, my children are FAR from being little farmers. Harper was scared to death of Hall-E (the farm dog) and Pax hated the wind (the wind, THE WIND???). So I guess we will need to start making trips out to Papa Jim's farm more often so they can become a little more tough.

I had a blast taking pictures (as you will see from all the ones on this post and this isn't even all of them!!!) and I think I wanna get the kids in some cute little summer outfits sometime soon and get some pictures of them together out at the farm.

I will keep this post short and sweet since there are so many pictures. I am still in the middle of doing my blog makeover, I purchased a year subscription to Picnik (it was only $25) so I can make my own blog headers and button. I am pretty excited to give it a try and see if I like it.

Out in the field, he got to drive the Gator back to the farm.

Look at that concentration!

How hilarious is this picture? She saw Hall-E walking around the Gator and freaked out!!

He is telling me to stop taking pictures.

This is how big the tires on the tractor are!! Pax didn't want to sit in it cause he didn't want to get "dirty".....seriously dude? Like I said, we are gonna work on toughening these kids up!!

She is a Papa's girl!!

Hall-E is great friends with the cows! So adorable!!

Yup, still crying!

I love taking pictures out there!!

Uncle Bruce and Pax in the tractor.

Yeah that's dirt on her face, she may have been afraid of the dog, but dirt? NOPE!!


  1. Excuse me, is your second child a boy or girl?! Freaking adorable pics but seriously, keep the bows on Harper!!! Love how Hall-E and the cow are friends! We need go brainstorm some summer coordinating outfits for you to put them in and take pics. Definitely a bow on Harper!!

  2. These are awesome shots with great lighting! I really like the processing on the second half of the photos.

    Picnik is a great editor! For what you'd pay in Elements upgrades in comparison, it's well worth yearly fee!