Monday, April 25, 2011

What Happens in Vegas….

Doesn’t really HAVE to stay in Vegas right? I mean I could definately use some of that rest and relaxation again. I miss it, it was glorious!!

So the whole reason we got to go on this trip was because Josh and DJ use Sysco as their food vendor for Willies and Sysco chose their top accounts to send on a trip to Vegas (ya know a customer appreciation kinda thing). There were about 7-10 other restaurants there with us, most of them were from the KC area. They paid for the flight, hotel (4 Seasons at Mandalay Bay), spa service, Blue Man Group tickets, a dinner our first night there, and spending money. Uh yeah, we felt appreciated alright!!! It was wonderful, and so nice of Sysco to do that for us. 4 Seasons is AMAZING!! It didn’t really feel like we were in Vegas, it felt like a relaxing little resort and that was exactly what I wanted.

Vegas and Easter 012

Vegas and Easter 014 Vegas and Easter 011


 This was the longest I had been away from the kiddos and I was nervous………..but then we got there and I realized there were no fights to break up, no noses to wipe, or diapers to change and I just totally enjoyed it! Honestly my favorite part of the vacation (aside from Wheel of Fortune penny slots, holla!!) was drinking my coffee in bed and reading my book, AM-AZ-ING!! The pool and our spa visit wasn’t too shabby either.

Vegas and Easter 024 Vegas and Easter 009 Vegas and Easter 022 Vegas and Easter 023

I only took my huge Nikon camera so I didn’t take very many pictures. I did take it to the pool one day and got a picture of DJ’s SWEET 60 dollar swim trunks he bought (he forgot to pack some and the gift shop didn’t offer a wide variety). We laughed so hard cause they were pretty awful!

Vegas and Easter 038 Les, DJ and Josh chillin at the pool bar, I was busy laying out and getting BURNT!!

Vegas and Easter 032


Vegas and Easter 033 Vegas and Easter 036

Hahaha, loser $

Vegas and Easter 039

Josh and I also snapped some pics of ourselves in the room before we went out. I hate those kind of pics, so awkward to stand alone and get a picture taken or to hold the camera out and get one of both of us. I always feel dumb and I NEVER know what to do with my arms!!

 Vegas and Easter 017 Vegas and Easter 019 Vegas and Easter 020 Vegas and Easter 021 Vegas and Easter 042

Josh was a little obsessed with this hat he bought there but he only actually wore it out one night and I kept calling him Panama Jack, ha $

Vegas and Easter 043 

By the way, my knees have been hurting since we got back from wearing heels so much while we were there. My feet don’t even know what heels are anymore!!! They weren’t happy with me.

We had a great time, it was nice to hang out with Leslie and DJ (the boys especially enjoyed it since they are in love with each other and miss each other like crazy). We got lots of rest, gambled “some” drank “a little”, ate yummy food (hello sushi, lets be best friends) and re-charged our batteries before heading back to the day to day chaos that is our life.

Sidenote: The day after we got back, I was feeding the kids lunch and Harper dumped hers all over the floor and Pax was crying about who knows what. We’re not in Vegas anymore folks. Vacation OVER.

Vegas and Easter 045

I was so pumped to find robes in the bathroom, you might be a redneck if……ha! Just kidding. But seriously, never stayed at a hotel that had robes before. I live a sheltered life people.


Vegas and Easter 015

Hangin out at House of Blues


Vegas and Easter 025

Hotel Lobby @ 4 Seasons

Vegas and Easter 026 Vegas and Easter 027 Vegas and Easter 030

The bed: the sweet, wonderful, glorious bed. I miss you!!!


  1. a)I can't believe DJ forgot to pack swim trunks and I also cant believe those ugly things were $60! Guess you gotta pay the high dollars when your in Vegas!

    b)You all clean up very nicely :) Loved both of your outfits and Josh's new hat. Can't wait to see Pax in his

    c)That hotel looks AWESOME. Oh the little things like having a robe.

  2. I know!! The shorts were so hilarious!!! They matched the sky :)

    Pax has worn his hat like Josh's every day since we got back. It will be in all the Easter pics (next blog post).

    The hotel was sweet, we were sooo high up too! Can I go back yet?

  3. ummmm.... those shorts are HORRENDOUS (i dunno how you spell that) i think they should just stay packed in his suitcase FOREVER! he was drunk from start to finish while we were at the pool so i don't think he really ever grasped how AWFUL they were!! HA!

    really wish we would have had someone take a picture of all four of us at least ONE night!!