Saturday, April 16, 2011

Windows Live Writer?

So I was clicking out of the internet today and this small box was on my desktop that said something about using Windows Live Writer to write your blogs in and then publish to Blogger. I thought to myself “huh? well maybe THIS will be easier than using blogger” (blogger has limited fonts, and a few other features I am not fond of). So I downloaded the Windows Live Writer and am testing it out right now. I am pretty pumped if it works because…..I can use my fun new fonts from KevinandAmanda!! I have been trying FOREVER to figure out how to download fonts to blogger to use and it never works and is sooo complicated!

Ok going to upload a pic now and see how that goes:

dave retire & farm 048

Yup that was super easy. Ok I think I am in love. This might cut my blog writing in half!!!

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