Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Reason I am a Mom…..

It’s certainly not an easy job, it’s definately not a clean job, most of the times it’s a thankless job, but boy howdy is it the most rewarding job!!! Sure my children have given me a few gray hairs, and caused me to drink countless glasses of wine after a horrible day, and we won’t even talk about how many hours of sleep I have missed out on, but when your son looks at you and says out of the blue “Happy Mothers Day Mom, you look pretty today” then you remember why you do it. And pictures of these 2 cuties are also pretty good reminders.

(Please note that I have NEVER gotten this many pictures of the 2 of them together without someone shedding some tears or blood so this is a pretty good Mothers Day present for me!!!)

Mothers Day 2011 116 Mothers Day 2011 090  Mothers Day 2011 091Mothers Day 2011 092 Mothers Day 2011 094 Mothers Day 2011 095 Mothers Day 2011 096 Mothers Day 2011 097 Mothers Day 2011 098 Mothers Day 2011 099   Mothers Day 2011 103  Mothers Day 2011 112

These were all taken before church and usually we are super rushed and one or both kids are crying (and sometimes Mom is too) but today we were ready early and they cooperated for pictures!! Best.present.ever. Happy Mothers Day to all you Moms out there, I hope you take joy in the little moments in life that make you realize that you wouldn’t trade this job for anything!!!


  1. what cute pictures!! I love her little sandals! Ha!

  2. such good pics of the kids!!! ...les