Monday, May 9, 2011

Waving the white flag!!!

I surrender people!

The kids have been putting me through the ringer lately!!

Pax is 3 1/2 and has been very independent for a long time! He NEVER gets emotional when I leave, he loves going to Kid Zone and school but for the past week he cries when I leave him!! Even with Nana and Papa which he has never done, he LOVES being with Nana and Papa, usually he would prefer it. Yesterday he woke up from his nap and I was at the movies and Josh said he freaked out! It makes me worried and sad. Is this a phase? Did something happen to him that is causing him to do this? Is he going to be like this FOREVER and never get married and live with me till he is 40 and freak out the neighborhood kids cause he is the weirdo that still lives with his parents? AAAAAHHHHHH!! Today we started the “cry jar” and he gets money if he doesn’t cry when I leave and if he does we take money away. So far it has worked. He didn’t cry at Kid Zone today or when I dropped him off at school. Phew.

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And Miss Harper (insert long groan here). I am at my wits end with this girl. She has turned into a complete bully! She bites, pinches, scratches, pulls hair, etc. At first I thought it was just with Paxton but at a friends house on Saturday she pulled a clump of hair out of this poor little (3 yr old) girls head! So embarrassing! I have tried biting, pinching, scratching and pulling her hair (what little hair she has) and she just looks at me and laughs! I have been trying time out but I have to sit there with her and hold her down cause it’s pretty impossible to get a 1 yr old to sit still. I have tried putting her in her crib but then I am afraid she will associate her bed with something negative and not want to sleep in it. Speaking of sleep, that’s my next issue with this little diva. As in she has been sucking at it lately! 3 nights this past week she has woken up and cried for an hour and a half!! So what the heck do I do? Paxton was never a biter or a pincher, so this is all new territory for me. How do you punish a 1 year old and get through to them?!?!?!?!

Also just throwin this out there, but Harper is still not saying Mama! She is saying a few more words, but still not Mama. Whatever, I am over it. (yeah right, ha!)

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So that’s our life lately, I am googling up a storm trying to figure out what the heck to do about these munchkins. Apparently they are still too young for boarding school…..whatever.

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Yeah right like I could ever send these 2 away?

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  1. Amy I love your honesty! Often we bloggers only write about the good things. Will has been giving me a ton of reasons to "wave the flag" but I try to remind myself that it is just a phase and it WILL pass. Love all of your pictures. You would never know that sweet Harper was giving you so much trouble!