Monday, May 23, 2011

Back in Bizz-ness!

Don’t judge me for spelling that the way I did, I like it, I am feeling a little snarky so just go with it.

I have been computerless since Friday, FRIDAY!! That’s a whole weekend with no computer, not to mention the 3 days prior to computergeddon (it involved smoke) when I was sick and didn’t  want to check facebook, email or blogland. Sooooo TECHNICALLY I have been disconnected from the world since Tuesday night (ok that’s a bit dramatic, but the computer IS a pretty big part of my life, pathetic isn’t it?) Good news is that the Best Buy Geek Squad was able to transfer all my old files to the new computer and now I have a new appreciation and love for geeks. And now I have new fancy shmancy laptop that I am in love with, mainly because it doesn’t smoke when I turn it on.

So what have we been up to in Crazyland? Well I already mentioned I was sick with something that resembled strep throat but wasn’t (it was awful, it felt like millions of tiny knives were stabbing my throat).  I still don’t feel all that great and now Josh has it (aren’t grown men FUN when they are sick?) Other than that the kids have been playing outside when the weather allows and enjoying the new sand table and pool (don’t get excited it’s an $8 one from The DG). Speaking of weather…………

Holy Smokes what is going on with Mother freakin Nature!!??!! We have really pissed her off royally huh? Tomorrow is supposed to be real nice, and by that I mean completely bat-shit scary in Oklahoma, Kansas and even poor Missouri again!! The weatherman keeps making a point of using his hand to make a big circle right around OUR AREA when he talks about the weather tomorrow. I kinda want to punch him in the face every time he does it, mainly because it feels like someone is punching ME in the stomach each time.  If you don’t know I have a completely debilitating fear of tornados that turns me into a bumbling, cussing, sweating mess whenever the weather gets bad. Seriously I get all tourette-ish when the radar even has a tiny bit of activity going on. Earmuffs kids, earmuffs.

My heart does go out to all the people in Joplin, it is absolutely horrific what happened there.  I watched the you-tube video of the people in the convenience store and was a bawling mess. Hearing those kids screaming in the background? Gah! My heart can’t take it, I just kept picturing MY kids (and then I cried harder). I hope and pray (hard) that nothing like that happens tomorrow like they think. One, because those poor people in Missouri need a break! and two, because I will have to be committed if it does. Seriously knock me out with a horse tranquilizer if it starts getting bad cause I think I would die of a heart attack before the tornado even reached me.  So good luck tomorrow everyone, get your tornado kits ready, stay up to date with the weatherman (who will probably be doing arm circles right over El Dorado again) and keep an eye to the sky. I plan to have the radio, tv, internet and my cell phone all plugged in to the weather at all times tomorrow (and maybe a bottle of wine in my hand to calm my nerves).

Ok on to pics of the kids. I know that’s all you really care about, I’m lookin at you Amber and Sarah cause I know you probably scrolled right through all the words and went straight to the pictures.

Spring 2011 943

Pax started t-ball this week, this was his first practice, he is one of the youngest on the team.Spring 2011 944

Here is his #1 fan, can you see her excitement?

Spring 2011 947Spring 2011 956

The kids had to entertain themselves a lot this week since I was sick, this was just too cute (and they’re not killing each other, BONUS!)

Spring 2011 957Spring 2011 960Spring 2011 961Spring 2011 962Spring 2011 968

For some reason they always hold hands now when they get their picture taken together now. Oh well as long as I can just get their picture I don’t care what they do!

Spring 2011 971Spring 2011 975Spring 2011 976Spring 2011 977Spring 2011 980Spring 2011 983Spring 2011 986Spring 2011 996Spring 2011 1007Spring 2011 1008

Daddy and Pax went golfing together on Sunday, Pax was so excited and had a ton of fun. He loves golf!

Spring 2011 1014Spring 2011 1016Spring 2011 1018Spring 2011 1021

I was cleaning the kitchen tonight and the munchkins got into Harper’s headband/hat basket. I looked over and she has this tiny crocheted hat from when she was a baby on her head and all her headbands around her neck.

Spring 2011 1024

And then I saw this…….can anyone say future blackmail photo (insert evil laugh here)


Spring 2011 1025

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