Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back in the Swing of Things

Warning: long post, kinda boring, not a lot of pictures.

I haven’t blogged in over a week because I have been sick, tired, and did I mention sick?

It all started LAST Friday (a week ago). I took Pax to his t-ball game and Josh’s parents took Harper to the Relay for Life. I felt fine at the game (super hot, but fine) and after the game I swung through Arby’s to get Pax dinner and then we went to meet up at the Relay for Life. While I was driving I noticed that my clothes HURT where they touched my skin (do you know what I mean? When your clothes just hurt and you know you’re getting sick?) I brushed it off as just being hot and dirty. We were at the Relay for about an hour and I just kept feeling worse and worse. I was super tired and my head and throat were hurting. Pax was going to stay the night at the walk with Nana and Papa so I took Harper home with me (Pax didn’t get to stay, it stormed, and well we all know how I feel about storms.)

I went to bed early and woke up at midnight with the chills and a fever. I felt AWFUL!!! I was up all night, I was hot, I was cold, I was hot, I was cold. All I kept thinking was that Josh had to work all day the next day and how the heck was I going to take care of 2 active kids when I felt like I got hit by a car?

Luckily my Mother in law is a lifesaver and came the next morning at 9 am and took the kids for the WHOLE day!! I, on the other hand, slept all day! I could barely lift my head off the pillow, I may have even cried a few times because I felt so awful. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, I have had 2 c-sections and don’t think I shed a tear once in pain from those. My throat hurt so bad I was spitting in a bottle so I wouldn’t have to swallow (sorry T.M.I., but just wanted you to get the whole picture of how bad it really was) and the lymph nodes in my neck were the size of small tumors, I just knew I had strep.

Saturday night we had more storms (Josh was working) and they were supposed to be severe. I am laying in bed and the weather radio alarm keeps going off in the kitchen. Normally I would leap out of bed and turn on the news, the computer and my weather app on my phone. Ya know what I did? I walked (painfully slow) into the kitchen and unplugged the damn weather radio, then walked (painfully slow) back in my room and turned off the t.v. (the light was hurting my brain). My final thoughts before I went back to sleep were, “hope the tornado sirens will wake me up if shit hits the fan.”

Sunday was Fathers Day and guess what I did? I slept all day again (in my defense Josh worked on Mothers Day this year, so we are even).

On Monday I went to the doctor. He felt my neck and cringed, then looked in my throat and cringed some more, then he said “we will do a strep test but I don’t think it’s strep” then he sighs and sits down!! I am thinking “OMG do I have cancer???” He says “I think it’s mono.” MONO!!??!! Aren’t horny teenagers who all make out with each other the only ones who get mono? The only people I kiss is my husband and my children!! I don’t even like hugging people!!! So he says we will do a strep test, if it comes back negative then it’s probably mono. It was too early to do a mono test so he couldn’t just test me for that too. So I get the swab (gag, literally) and wait the 5 minutes PRAYING it comes back positive… doesn’t. So I am sent home with instructions to rest and come back on Thursday for the mono test. Fast forward 4 days, I go back Thursday, this time it’s a needle prick (the girl was amazeballs I didn’t even feel the needle go in!) and wait 8 minutes and the doctor comes out and takes me in a room sighs and says “you have mono.”

So I have mono. Which explains the narcoleptic tendencies I have been having lately, I could literally fall asleep in the shower I am so tired sometimes. It just hits me out of nowhere too, I will be fine and the next minute I feel like I just ran a marathon and could sleep for a day!! I am lucky though because I have a very mild case, I know that you can get REALLY sick with mono, so I am grateful that all I really have to deal with is the exhaustion. I have to be careful not to overdo it though because I could get sick again. I can’t work out until the end of next week and then I have to go slow and listen to my body. This is also why I almost passed out after working out a couple weeks ago. The doctor assured me that as long as I don’t relapse I should be ok to start my half marathon training next month.

So that’s what I have been up to this week. I did go back to work, but I am so tired after only working a couple hours I go home and sleep while the kids rest.

Also my birthday was this week. 29, last year before the dirty 30!! Josh and I went to dinner with our good friends Brandi and Robby. It was a good/memorable night. I haven’t taken any pictures this week except with my phone so I will post those. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things and be back to regular blogging next week.


Paxton’s posing for his t-ball picture.


my lunch dates on my birthday.


Birthday dinner.


Brandi and Robby. Good memories with great friends!


Our view at dinner.


Someone likes ketchup!


I made this to hang Paxton’s artwork. It was super easy!!


Painted a wooden circle, hodge podged some paper on it, glued a wooden spool to it then used picture wire and clippies to hang the artwork. Got the idea off of pinterest (click on that it will take you there, not now though, finish reading this first, then go. But be ready to be hooked.) Have you heard of this website? I am slightly obsessed and by that I mean it pretty much consumes my life lately!!.


My birthday present to myself. Found this little cabinet at a local antique store (that I went into for the first time and am now madly in love with and I don’t want to share where it is cause I am totally selfish). This was only $20!!! I am going to get some little baskets to put underneath in that empty space. I just love it to bits, I walk by it and it makes me so happy. I saw some other pieces of furniture there that I want to go back and get, I love unique things like this and I especially love them when they are so cheap!

Ok sorry sisters that I don’t have more pictures, however I do have a pretty good excuse (my sisters get mad when I don’t post a bajillion pictures of the kids). I will be better next week, I promise.

Actually speaking of pictures that is one thing I want to get accomplished next week. I really want to take the kids to the farm one evening and take some cute pics out there again. I also have some other projects on my list, oh yeah and cleaning, sheesh apparently dirt and grime don’t get the memo when you are sick and they still show up in all their glory!! Rude.

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