Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Festivities

I have been so busy the past few days that I haven’t had time to blog, but it has been a good busy.

This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend and my whole family loaded up and came to visit ME in the big city of El Dorado (that’s sarcasm right there people). All of my family  (except Dad) live in KC now so when we get together, that’s usually where we go. Makes sense for only one of us to travel (me). Well my siblings (minus Tony, we MISSED you!!!) and Mom decided to give my Swagger Wagon a rest and came to stay out our house. It was crowded with that many people and not enough beds, but we made it work and had a BLAST. Too bad the Kansas weather only gave us 1 nice day, but we sure made the most out of that 1 day and were out in the backyard from 8 am- 10 pm. We had a pool for the kids, sprinkler, water table, corn hole game (soooo much fun!), music, sunshine, smoked meat, lots of food, and of course SUMMER BEERS!!! It was also Sarah’s birthday so even more reason to celebrate!

All in all it was a fabulous weekend with food, family and fun. I just love my family so much, and cherish the time I get with them. I know that I am super lucky to be so close to my siblings,they are truly my best friends. Love you guys!!


Memorial Day 2011 002

Derek got Sarah an XBOX Kinect game system and we had so much fun playing this all weekend. I am not trying to brag, but I dominated Michael Jackson The Experience!!! I already told Josh I wanted one of these for my birthday  (June 22nd, just throwin that out there). I have always been against video games, but this one is super interactive and requires LOTS of movement (no sitting down playing with a controller here). Not kidding, we were all sore after boxing each other and playing the track and field game.

Memorial Day 2011 007

Chef Boyardee is MEEESSSYYYY!!!

Memorial Day 2011 008Memorial Day 2011 009

We had to re-arrange my living room to get more playing space! Ha!

Memorial Day 2011 015Memorial Day 2011 022

The kids were up bright and early Sunday morning and had their suits on and were in the pool by 8 am!!!!! Brrrrr.

Memorial Day 2011 027Memorial Day 2011 028

Little Miss Harper is a fish, she LOVES the water!! (and yes she has 3 swimsuit changes throughout these pictures, a girl has to have choices!!!)

Memorial Day 2011 029Memorial Day 2011 032Memorial Day 2011 033Memorial Day 2011 043Memorial Day 2011 046Memorial Day 2011 056Memorial Day 2011 058Memorial Day 2011 067Memorial Day 2011 070Memorial Day 2011 071Memorial Day 2011 072Memorial Day 2011 074Memorial Day 2011 076Memorial Day 2011 079Memorial Day 2011 080Memorial Day 2011 082Memorial Day 2011 085Memorial Day 2011 086Memorial Day 2011 089Memorial Day 2011 091Memorial Day 2011 094

Our music system, thanks Uncle Justin! The neighbors probably hated us though, we had it pretty loud.

Memorial Day 2011 097Memorial Day 2011 099Memorial Day 2011 108


Memorial Day 2011 109Memorial Day 2011 111Memorial Day 2011 132

Someone celebrated a little too hard for Sarah’s birthday!

Memorial Day 2011 142Memorial Day 2011 145Memorial Day 2011 148Memorial Day 2011 170Memorial Day 2011 173

We have more busy weekends ahead as we travel to KC to run a 5k  this weekend and the following weekend is our annual “camping” trip to Milford lake. I LOVE SUMMER!!!

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