Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Past Week and Photo Dump…

It is already a busy, busy summer!!! Pax started t-ball, we traveled to KC last weekend, we are going “camping” this weekend (more on that in a later post, get excited), and swimming lessons start next week. PHEW!!  Even though we are busy I just am loving summer. I want to cram as much as I can into our summer, including water parks, baseball games (the professional kind and the midget kind), concerts (can anyone say Kenny Chesney in July at Arrowhead? HOLLA), trips to see family and friends (Hello Stein Family, can’t wait to see you!!), and of course lots and lots of sun. Wow that paragraph just turned into one big list. My bad.

I REALLY need to get on the working out bandwagon again, I fell off a couple months ago and have been laying in the dust and making no effort to get back on. However, swimsuits and shorts have made me realize that it is go time… week.

Yeah so Little Man started t-ball, and it’s hilarious! We had our first game last week and he can hit the ball great, fields well but running the bases? Weeell………….let’s just say at one point he went from 2nd base to the pitchers mound and just stood there. So we need to work on that a little bit. He also had to play outfield (I think, hell I don’t know positions, you all know I am about as athletic as a knee sock!) and got bored out there so he started shoveling dirt into his mit and drawing pictures in the dirt. What can ya do? I don’t blame the kid, I don’t think I even made it through my first t-ball game before I threw in the glove and looked for the nearest book to read (you think I am kidding? I’m not, ask my Mom).

T-Ball 023

Brody, Pax, and Kenzie. This picture is funny cause I work with Kenzie’s Mom at the Y and Brody’s Dad was my first boss at the Y. So we all worked together at one time and now our kids are playing ball together.

T-Ball 025

Going out to the field!

T-Ball 028T-Ball 030T-Ball 032T-Ball 034T-Ball 036T-Ball 039

He looks soooo little!!! I love his ball pants.

T-Ball 042

Harper cheering on her big bro.

T-Ball 043T-Ball 052

Future softball player?

T-Ball 044T-Ball 058T-Ball 059T-Ball 063T-Ball 064T-Ball 065

Look at that form!

T-Ball 067T-Ball 068T-Ball 074

Good game.

T-Ball 077T-Ball 078T-Ball 080

Baby Hadley!!

T-Ball 082

This past weekend the kids and I traveled to KC to see my family. I told my sister, Amber, a while ago that I would run this with her:


I honestly didn’t think she would do it because she was supposed to do the other 2 5ks I have ran and backed out. So I waited until the week of the race to sign up for it cause she promised she was still game. I didn’t know anything about this race, but had heard it involved hills (it did, lots). The night before the run I went to bed early……….and didn’t get to sleep till 4 am!!! I shared a room with the kids and they were both up all.night. So needless to say my energy level on race morning was almost non-existent. But we got downtown and got in line with the other 7,500 runners and we did it. It was a tough course, and every time you conquered one hill, you looked up to see ANOTHER one looming ahead!!!  I am so proud of my sister, she did awesome!! She is already looking for her next race to do. Me? I start my 1/2 marathon training next month and plan to run my first 1/2 in the fall (insert scream here). I would like to do a few more 5k’s and a 10k before the 1/2 so I will have to see what is coming up.


The kiddos are doing well, Harper will be 18 months tomorrow! That is so crazy to me. She is saying more words, but still going to talk to the doctor to see if she should be saying more. I am definitely not trying to compare her to Pax who was speaking in complete sentences by this age, I just want to make sure there isn’t anything to worry about. Ya know what 18 months means? Well besides that she is no longer my baby and I can already envision the teenage rebellion years and the “I hate you MOM!!” fits, and purple hair, and parties and BOYS!!! Yeah besides all that, it means………..NO MORE BINKY!!!! This is the age I took it away from Paxton and I swore this is the age I would take it from Harper. Even though I would much rather her have it forever cause that means she is still my little baby, I am sure her teeth (and speech) will thank me for this later. Sooooo tomorrow is D Day (or B Day, get it, B for binky? I am so clever). We are going cold turkey too, all binkies will have their nipples cut off and thrown in trash. I am nervous about bedtime and naptime cause that is when she has them the most, but I also know that it will only be harder the longer we prolong it so….it’s time.

Here are some recent pics of the kids that I thought were just oh so cute!! Moments like these are RARE so you better believe I snatched the camera when they started hugging and loving on each other.

please excuse the disaster that is her face and shirt, we had just got done playing outside all night and eating dinner. It’s how we roll in the summertime!

T-Ball 002T-Ball 005T-Ball 007T-Ball 009T-Ball 010T-Ball 015T-Ball 017T-Ball 020T-Ball 021T-Ball 022

Have a good weekend! We are off to Milford Lake for some fun in the sun!!!

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  1. Amy-
    What a great post! Those pics of the two of them had me in tears...sibling gets me every time!!

    Good luck with the binky transition. I'm crossing my fingers all the way from Topeka!