Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pity Party…

 We started swimming lessons this week, and ya know what else started? Me getting my butt back in the gym!!

I have this bad habit of doing REALLY good working out and eating well and then I skip a day or 2 and the next thing I know it’s been 2 months since I saw a treadmill. Now I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, and I am NOT making any excuses, this is all my fault and I take complete blame. However, that being said, I am making an effort to be more consistent this go round.

I signed up for an employee bootcamp and Tuesday was my first day. I have done YMCA bootcamps before and group training, so this wasn’t my first rodeo. So imagine my surprise about 45 minutes into it when I almost PASS OUT!! Not kidding, we are walking(yes walking, as in cooling down, as in not exerting a lot of effort) around the track and all of a sudden I get cold and sweaty and dizzy. This has happened before so I knew what was coming next and I knew I needed to sit down…..FAST! I tell my group I am not feeling well so we walk to the nearest weight bench and I sit down, as I am sitting there I start feeling worse and my vision starts to go. I am so embarrassed because I work there and the last thing I want to do is pass out at the Y!! But it was getting hard to keep my head up and I just knew at any minute I was going to faint. Well what happens? I throw up! Which in my book is WORSE!! I am thinking to myself “OMG I JUST PUKED AT MY WORK IN FRONT OF CO-WORKERS AND MEMBERS, SOMEONE KILL ME NOW AND PUT ME OUT OF MY FREAKIN MISERY!!” It was awful, everyone was so nice though and didn’t make me feel stupid at all.

The reason I am sharing this with you is although it is embarrassing, humiliating, and downright shameful, that this happened to me, I still finished the bootcamp and I got up and went running this morning. I am not going to let a little incident stop me from trying to be healthier. I plan on getting up and running again tomorrow too. In case I need a little MORE motivation, I can just recall a conversation I had with a member at the Y yesterday:

Random old lady: “That dress is so adorable, I just LOVE the color.”

Me:"Oh well thank you”

R.O.L.: “Yes my daughter just had a baby too and these look like they are great at covering up big bellies, no offense”

Me: (nervous, pissed off laughter) “ Yeah I didn’t just have a baby, but yes they are very comfortable and they DO hide a lot.”

Yeah true story, that really happened. I pretty much wanted to jump into the pool at that point to hide my red cheeks…..and apparently my fat belly!!

Seriously, this week has taught me a lot about the true meaning of humiliation!!!

Side noteI think I might need to see a doctor to figure out this whole passing out thing (3rd time I have almost passed out while working out). It’s probably something really simple like my blood sugar and I just need to eat the right thing before working out, however better safe than sorry.

Ok so Paxton’s swimming: it’s going so well!! I can’t believe how much progress he has made in just a few days. He can swim on his own(without floaties or assistance) across the pool. He is so proud while he is doing it and just keeps looking over at me with this goofy grin on his face. Funny story: Monday was his first day of swimming, I took him out of Kid Zone at 11:30 to feed him lunch before his 12:00 class (I was also working till 12). I put him at my desk to eat and when he was finished I told him to wait right there and when I came back we would get him changed for swimming. When I said this I meant we would go to the LOCKER ROOM and change. I went away from my desk for a minute and when I came back he was NAKED…..AT MY CUBICLE…..AT THE YMCA…..IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY!!! I yelped then grabbed his swim trunks and was trying to wrestle him into them before anyone saw him (my cubicle is at the very front, so I am sure plenty of people saw him). I felt bad cause I think I embarrassed him when I freaked out a little, he didn’t know any better, but seriously kid! Yesterday on the way to swimming, he said “Mommy I won’t get naked at your desk today, sorry bout that.” Uh yeah thanks, appreciated.

Hopefully the rest of the week goes smoother, seriously it can only go up from here right? I think the fat jab was probably rock bottom.

Here’s pictures of the kids, at least they give me plenty of comic relief in this crazy life!! Can’t take yourself too seriously with these 2 goobers around all the time!


Paxton actually lets me take his picture now!! This is his new summer hairdo.


In my previous post I mentioned that Little Miss has been walking into the kitchen and stripping down(seriously what IS IT with my kids getting naked?) She has done it twice with me and once with Josh.


Check out the drool in the above pic. She was getting mad cause she couldn’t get her pants off.


Chocolate pudding incident…….it’s way more fun when it is used as paint and then LICKED off your belly!!!


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  1. OMG. 1) i cant believe you passed out... i dont think you have a problem, i just think your over doing it ms superstar... take it easy and dont go dying on me ;)
    2) paxton, bless his heart! That is SOOO funny! Im sure you were mortified!! ha!
    3) can't BELEIEVE some lady made that comment to you... way to keep your composure. When are people going to learn to NOT make comments about weight/pregnancy etc... get a flippin clue!!

    Your week can only go up from here i hope :)
    love ya!