Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas….Part Deux

I think there are only 2 reasons Paxton would get up on his OWN before 7:30…..the house is on fire or Santa came. Sure as shiznipp he was up at 7:20 a.m. Christmas morning. We made him wait until 7:30 before we all went out to the living room together. Poor Harper, I had to wake her up, she was so confused. Once she figured out she had a crap ton of toys under the tree, she got over it.




Check out that bed head on Harper, bahahahaha!! Cracks me up!!

Pax got a barn and tractor set (just like Papa Hall), Transformers (duh), game cartridge for his V-Tech reader, giant dinosaur, slippers and a superhero cape and mask.

Harper got a Little People dollhouse, game cartridge for V-Tech, baby dolls, bracelets and her own superhero cape and mask.

Their stockings had practical stuff in them like toothbrushes, hand soap, band-aids, etc.

After checking out the Santa presents, they opened up their gifts from Josh and I……. more Transformers, more dolls, shocker.










And there are only 2 reasons why my living room would ever look like this; we were robbed, or it was Christmas morning.

Somehow we got everything cleaned up, everyone dressed, car packed up and were on the road by 11:30 (all with no fights, BONUS!)

The rest of the day consisted of food, more food, family and even more food. And presents, lots more presents. And a tearful “congratulations on your engagement” to my brother and Tara by yours truly. We had brought some champagne and my sisters were both like “no way I can’t do a toast, I will cry” and I was all like “pshaw, wussies, I got this shit!” and then 2 seconds into the speech I was all like “blubbering blubbering love you blubbering blubbering (loooooooooooong pause to try to stop blubbering) so happy, blubbering blubbering, cheers.” Yeah should have just stuck with CHEERS or CONGRATULATIONS. The Long girls are all a bunch of emotional cry-babies when it comes to that kind of stuff. His poor fiance probably thinks we are this close to having to be committed. Wait till you see us at the wedding girlfriend, it won’t be pretty.

We got to spend the day with my Dad’s side of the family, which was great. It’s hard for all of us to get together, now that my siblings and I all have families/husbands/fiances of our own now. So it was nice that it worked out and were were able to spend Christmas with them too!



Harper is ob-ses-sed with the dogs!! She is in “dog heaven” (ha ha, good one Amy) when we go to Dad or Sarah’s house.


She played in this closet (a closet!! wha-at!!) forever that day. I think she was probably just trying to hide from the 2 crazy boys who went around the house calling each other “poop heads” all day. Guess what Harper calls everyone now? Yup, poop head, awesome.

Have I ever mentioned my love for my Dad’s house? I freakin’ love that place!! Can you see why? What is there not to love?












The kids (and the dogs) FINALLY fell asleep and the adults had “adult time” and played poker until (ahem) 4 a.m.!!!! That’s just crazy talk!

And now, a little funny face photo montage. Sorry family, I couldn’t resist. I got a kick out of them and thought others would too. Who am I to deprive other people of laughter and joy?

face1face2 - Copyface3 - Copyface4

Christmas 2011 351

Amber, you knew these would come out to haunt you right? She found this old Starter jacket in a closet at my Dad’s and was joking that she was going to wear it to the Cotton Bowl next week (that’s a separate post coming soon to a blog near you).

And now I have probably been dis-owned by my family. Love you guys!!! (Sarah, you got lucky, couldn’t find any funny ones of you).

We had an awesome Christmas, the older I get, the more meaningful it becomes.

Happy New Years everyone!!! 2011 was a great year and here’s hoping 2012 is even better.


  1. Seriously cracking up at face shots! So glad I didn't make it on there. Although I look pretty hidious in family pic. Love that Zoe is kissing Harper in it. Good times.

    1st pic of Harper's hair is hilarious. It looks like she is balding and her hair is jet black.

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  3. This made me laugh :) Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!!