Thursday, December 15, 2011

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year………….Right?


Life has been business as usual around here, and by that I mean completely batshit crazy!! I always think to myself “just get through THIS week and next week will be easier” then next week comes along and it is just as busy as the last one!!


My list of all the fun stuff I wanted to do for Christmas? Not.getting.done. Christmas cards? Nah, maybe New Years cards……..maybe. Fun Christmas crafts with the kids? Nope. That would require driving 25 minutes to the nearest craft store and who the hell has time for that?  Fun Christmas baking? Hell to the no, I had to bake 6 dozen cookies for a cookie bake last week and I was in the kitchen for an entire day! Over it. (Ok so that one we might still do, only because we are running low on sweets in the house and Momma needs her chocolate therapy). Cute homemade (Pinterest inspired, damn you Pinterest for AGAIN making me feel like an under-achiever) Christmas gifts for family and friends? Un-unh, store bought all the way this year folks, hey I need to contribute to the economy right?!?!? So although I would like to channel my inner Martha Stewart, I am settling for Roseanne this year.


I have even failed a couple nights with my Elf on the Shelf. However, in my defense, the first time was because I had the stomach flu (yeah that sucked!) and the second time was because I had taken Nyquil and went into a coma. Pax was cool with it, I told him even elves get sick and Jacob had to take a couple nights off. Jacob came back with a bang, though, and dyed our milk green one night……that made for some interesting mashed potatoes that night for dinner. Whoops, didn’t think that one through very well.

Our basement is slooooowly coming along. Josh is almost done painting, then the tile will get laid, then trim and doors, then carpet!!! Funny story:

Our sheetrock (is that how it is spelled? I have no clue) contractors name is Josh as well. He was at our house A LOT while doing the sheetrock and sometimes would come up to ask me a question or use the kitchen sink, etc. Well Harper and Pax always said hi to him, and would talk to him. One day he came up to ask me something and Harper yells “Hi Daddy Josh!!!” Whaaa-aat!! He was so nice about it………….I wanted to die.

Thanksgiving 2011 143

Potty training is still going really well. No accidents, sleeps in underwear at nap and SOMETIMES at night. It still makes me nervous to do night time without a diaper.  I know I should because she still wakes us up and makes us take her potty in the middle of the night and that SUCKS when she has a diaper on!! I guess it wouldn’t even be considered potty training anymore, girlfriend is trained, bam! Too bad underwear is just as expensive as diapers, sheesh. Forget the bar business….panties are where the money is (that sounds REALLY bad doesn’t it?)

She does talk to her pee and poop (sorry if that is TMI, I think it’s hilarious). When we flush it, she will say “bye pee/poop, love you much!!” Things that make you say hmmmmmm.

Thanksgiving 2011 145Thanksgiving 2011 146Thanksgiving 2011 147

Paxton is getting stir crazy already. He is starting basketball after Christmas, so that should help get his energy out. Some nights he is all over the place!! Our house is not big enough for all that energy (neither is my patience). He is way more into Christmas this year than any other year. I love seeing him get excited about things I used to get excited about. It’s like being a kid all over again. Except I am the one paying for Christmas….it was way more fun when I wasn’t.

Thanksgiving 2011 141Thanksgiving 2011 142

He has been sleeping on his floor lately, in his sleeping bag. No clue why, he says it’s comfy. Uh…..ok? Not sure how a sleeping bag can be more comfortable than a full size bed, but I will go with it. Whatever floats your boat little man.


So to sum it all up, life is crazy; my daughter calls a stranger Daddy and talks to her poop, my son has more energy than that stupid energizer bunny and prefers a sleeping bag to a bed and I am buying stock in wine and panties. Yup, I would say we’re pretty freakin’ normal!!!

Happy almost Friday everyone!!

PS-This post should have been titled “a bunch of random pictures from Thanksgiving and decorating the tree that I am just now posting.” My bad.

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