Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Because I just can’t come up with a catchy blog title and I have a slight headache and don’t really want to try.

You know you have done a good job getting your kids in the Christmas spirit when your son walks up to you in the middle of your holiday baking and sings “I’m in a store and I’m singing…….I’m in a store and I’m siiiiinging!!” That’s my kid. Can you tell we have watched our fair share of Elf lately?

Sooooo I have been trying to do some fun stuff with the kids before the holiday season is over. Saturday we had an entire day with no plans!! It was glorious, and what made it even better was that Josh took the night off and hung out with us. That, my friend, never happens.

Here is what we did Saturday day:

Christmas program 116

Oh yes, that is a hot mess right there. We declared it pajama/onesie/ladybug headband day!!!

Christmas program 118

So the kids spent some time reading books (aka dumping all the books out as well as the crayons and sitting amongst the pile) while I did some cleaning.

Christmas program 120

Harper needed a tissue at one point, and by tissue I mean the entire roll of toilet paper!! Still rockin’ that headband.

Christmas program 121Christmas program 122

Then it was dance party time! The kids think this new floor puzzle  is a dance floor…..we just go with it. Please don’t be jealous of baby girls white legs, I made her a spray tan appt. for next week.

Christmas program 124Christmas program 125Christmas program 126

Mid-way through the day I got the urge to bake (shocking, I know!) So we all headed out to the store. Please don’t fret, I did dress my children before we went, and the headband stayed at home.

Christmas program 133

I gave the kids their own pretzels and chocolate to dip, why you ask? Well see picture below:

Christmas program 135

You KNOW these kids are all about double dipping and lickin’ tho fingers, and you KNOW this girl is not about to let those pretzels get mixed in with my germ free ones.

Christmas program 136Christmas program 138

Who doesn’t like to sport a straight up mullet on a chilly Saturday afternoon? I sure do.

Christmas program 142Christmas program 144Christmas program 145Christmas program 146Christmas program 147

Oh this picture is so classic them. Harper looks pissed and Pax looks annoyed.  Please be entertained by the following series of pictures:

Christmas program 149Christmas program 150Christmas program 151Christmas program 152Christmas program 153

Dirty hands? Problem solved.

Christmas program 158

That night we drove around to look at Christmas lights and watched Christmas Vacation with Pax. It was a good Saturday, I feel I earned my  Good Mom badge that day (other days….not so much….but that day, yup!!)

So this is a repeat story from Facebook but have to share anyway. Josh was home with the kids on Tuesday while I was at Teen Club. He was in our room and all of a sudden Pax comes running in and told Josh that Harper had opened one of her presents from under the tree. Josh went in the living room and sure enough Harper is CRADLING the box with her doll in it and says “yook (look) Daddy, baby.” Josh took it away from her and she got in trouble, yadda yadda yadda.

Fast forward to later that evening. I am home from Teen Club and went into the kitchen to get dinner started, open the fridge to find this:

wrapping paper in fridge


Oh yes, Harper hid the wrapping paper in the fridge! I laughed so hard when I saw that. I am not even sure if she was hiding it or went in to get a snack and just left it in there. It could go either way knowing her.

Speaking of Harper, I never did post any pics from her birthday (wow Mom of the Year right here) so here are a few that I took after she opened her presents from us, her favorite thing is obviously the cat:

December 2011 003December 2011 004December 2011 012December 2011 016December 2011 017December 2011 018December 2011 019

Future player Coach Morrell?

AND did you know that my other child, Pax, had his first Christmas recital? Well you wouldn’t would you because I haven’t blogged about that either. Honestly I didn’t get any good pics from that because he was on the opposite side of the stage from where I sat and was all the way up in the corner. I did my best:

Christmas program 011Christmas program 015Christmas program 030Christmas program 048

Christmas program 051

Someone just came through the door to surprise the kids…………

Christmas program 053Christmas program 055

Christmas program 057

It’s Santa, in case you didn’t know.

Christmas program 059Christmas program 061Christmas program 062

Pax did ok at the recital. He kept playing with his sleeves and making faces at me. He would do so good practicing all his songs at home with me but I don’t think he is much of a public performer.

Christmas program 007

Christmas program 109

This is as close as Harper would get to him and Paxton wouldn’t sit on his lap either. He said he already told Santa what he wanted at Tony’s work. I am pretty sure he is still traumatized by this from 2 years ago:

christmas eve 030christmas eve 031


Oh-em-gee this still makes me laugh so hard when I look at it, never.gets.old. (PS-do you die at how tiny Harper was, cause I do).

And we conclude this completely random blog post with even more pictures I have forgotten to post.


These all turned out super grainy, but when a rare photo opp. occurs and both children are willing to participate, you DON’T have time to mess with the settings on your camera and you just go with it!!! Especially because the last 3 pics are a rare display of affection from both of them and I am so glad I got that caught on camera. So one day when they are screaming at each other over who ate the last pudding pack (ahem AMBER!!!) I can bust these out and say “kids, you used to love each other and one day you will be best friends so please don’t hit your sister over the head with your backpack!!” (I may or may not have done that when I was little).

I may blog again before Christmas, I may not…… I’m not sure, I dunno if I’ll have enough time (name that movie) but if I don’t then Merry Christmas everyone, hope yours is filled with family, fun and wine, I know mine will be (especially the wine part)!!!

Oh yeah and one more thing……….congratulations to this cutie-patootie couple:

tony and tara

My Brother, Tony, and his FIANCE Tara, they just got engaged on Sunday (oh girl do you even know what you are getting yourself into with this family?) You know what that means? ANOTHER WEDDING!! I freakin’ love weddings!! Love you both!



  1. What a fun Saturday! I thought Harper's cat was real for a second. I bet she LOVES it!

    Pax looks so cute and grown up and his christmas recital. I hate living this far and missing all his activities. I can totally tell that's a fake smile he has on when he sees Santa show up. He's thinking maybe if I smile and hide behind all the other kids, he wont notice me.

    All the pics on this post are adorable. Especially love the last few. I can't believe how little they both look in that picture from a couple years ago. You guys definitely traumatized him for life!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! :) I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love you guys!

    The last few pics of the kids are priceless. Good work, Mom.