Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011…..

It was a good year!! I can’t believe how much the kids have changed in one year. Harper was a BABY last January and now she is 2 going on 16 (don’t believe me? spend 10 minutes with her).

In honor of the year that was 2011, I have compiled a recap of pictures from our biggest events. Mainly because I have no life, so this is how I spent my Saturday and also because……..welp can’t think of another reason, basically I have no life, that’s all.

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january collage

JANUARY-First snow!! ~ First day of school!! ~ Harper is 13 months and gets hair!!! (ok peach fuzz, whatevs).


feb collage

FEBRUARY- Valentines Day!! ~ Trip to Kansas City’s Union Station!!


march collage

MARCH- Went to Manhattan, saw Bailey for the last time, she passed away 2 days after we left. So glad we had that last visit with her ~ Starting to warm up, yeah for getting outside!! ~ Trip to the zoo.

april collage

APRIL- Papa Hall retires ~ Josh and I go to Vegas with our good friends DJ and Leslie ~ Easter ~ Sarah’s bachelorette party (how did I NOT do a post on this? It was such a great time!!!)


may collage

MAY- Sarah and Derek get married (top 3 pics are all from wedding) ~ Mothers Day ~ Memorial Day/ Sarah’s birthday celebration at our house!!


june collage

JUNE- Annual Long family trip to Milford, where the kids enjoyed sunbathing in the lake and chowing down on s’mores (I never did a post on that!!) ~ Pax starts t-ball ~I got mono ~ My 29th birthday ~ 5 year wedding anniversary.

july collage

JULY- Paxton’s bible school show ~ 4th of July ~ Paxton’s first plane ride to Denver ~ Paxton’s first time seeing the mountains ~ Meeting Baby Jackson ~ Started half marathon training.



august collage

AUGUST- I took a photography class ~ 1st day of school ~ Butler and K-State football starts!

SEPTEMBER- I got nothin’ for this month. Basically I was runnin’ runnin’ and runnin’ runnin’. So here is just a random post from that month.

October collage

OCTOBER- Derek’s 30th Birthday party ~ K-State game with Josh (same day) ~ Annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch ~ HALF MARATHON!! ~ Halloween


november collage

NOVEMBER- Paxton turns 4! ~ Dino Dig Birthday Party ~ Thanksgiving ~ First visit to Auntie Sarah’s and Uncle Derek’s new house.


dec collage

DECEMBER- Harper turns 2, Aiden turns 3 ~ Breakfast with Santa ~ Christmas!

Holy shiznipp that post took all freakin’ day to do!! Note to self: never do a year in review post again. Ridunkulous!

I would give you my New Years resolutions but I don’t have them yet. Lose weight and run another half marathon. That’s probably it. That and don’t sell my kids on e-bay, think that may be illegal anyway.

Happy New Year everyone!!! Here’s hopin’ 2012 is as good as 2011……………..and that the world doesn’t end like they say it will on December 21st…………yes I worry about that kind of stuff (read, obsess) don’t you? Oh.

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  1. Wowza I can only imagine how long this took! Harper was such a baby last year :*( pretty sure our wedding was in April, not May :)