Saturday, December 5, 2009

false labor and a Christmas parade.

I was convinced this week would be the week that Harper would come! Even though I have a c-section scheduled for this Wednesday, my doctor would let me attempt a VBAC if I went into labor before that. So last Monday I went to my weekly visit and was told I was dilated to 1 and half, 80% effaced and she was VERY low. My doctor did a procedure in his office that usually will help get labor started especially if you are already showing signs of progress (which I was). It was not a pleasant procedure and quite painful, but well worth it if it would kick start labor! I went home and on Wednesday morning woke up with contractions every 10 min.."this is it" I thought!! NOPE!! This went on all day and just stopped sometime that night. Nothing happened Thursday or Friday and then again early Saturday morning (3 am) I woke up with STRONG contractions that were 5-7 min apart for 2 hours. I was getting ready to call hospital when they too just stopped! I have now given up that she will come on her own and am finally accepting that a c-section is inevitable again. I really wanted to avoid this as I am scared to death of trying to recover from surgery with a 2 year old and newborn. The surgery itself does not scare me, just the long recovery. So it looks like Wednesday will be her birthday after all. I am just going to try to relax and enjoy my last weekend with just one child. Pax and I are going to make cookies today and watch some Christmas movies and I am just going to give him as much attention as I can because I know that everything will change in just a few days. I think he can sense it because he keeps coming up to me and hugging me and giving me kisses and sayin "love you Mommy" it just melts my heart!! I think he is excited for sissy to come though because that means he gets to go stay at Nana & Papa's house and he is SO excited about that. His bag is packed and waiting by door too, and everyday he asks if he can go stay with them. Pretty sure he is over his separation anxiety now :)

Here are some pictures from a Christmas parade we went to here in El Dorado on Thursday. It was 20 degrees out but I really wanted Pax to see Santa because we have been learning all about him and read Christmas books at night. He is STILL talking about it!!!

This was Santa's "Reindeer" it was a bunch of jeeps with antlers on them and lights. They were all blaring Manheim Steamroller (sp?) from them, it was so cool!!!



  1. Hi Amy...I didn't know you had a blog! I saw it on I added yours to my "friends" list on our blog! Anyway, sounds like Harper isn't quite sure when she wants to make her appearance! Take care.

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  3. hey amy, pax is sooooooo cute!! just have to tell you that i love love love the name harper. we actually thought about using it, if braxton was going to be a girl. good luck with everything!!