Sunday, December 13, 2009

Harper's first days home.

Well we are slowly settling into life at home with a toddler and a newborn. As of now there is not really a routine established, but it's only day 3 of being home and we are just going with the flow for now. Pax LOVES his sissy, however, he is having a hard time ajusting to not having the attention solely on him. Saturday was a rough day with him, he refused to take a nap, pick up toys, eat his food, and just wouldn't listen to us in general. What happened to my easy-going, well mannered, loveable son?!? I know it's going to take a while for him to get used to all of this, and in the meantime, I am learning the true meaning of patience. It helps that Josh is still off, on Saturday I had him take Pax to get a "big brother haircut" and run some errands so that I could have some time to myself and that helped a lot!Harper is a great baby for the most part and only cries if she is hungry or getting a diaper change. She eats OFTEN which is hard for me because I feel like I am nursing all the time, but I really want it to work with her (it didn't with Pax) so I am accepting that at the moment I am just one big milk machine and will have no life for a while (I am not a breastfeeding in public kinda gal). If anyone has any advice/words of encouragement on this topic feel free to share :) On top of the pain from the surgery I also have a cold and cough and feel pretty miserable. So even when both the kids are sleeping at night, I am up coughing! I have not taken any medicine yet since I am nursing, but going to call doctor tomorrow to see if there is something I can take, cause hot tea and honey is just not cuttin it!! Harper has a weight check tomorrow at the doctor as well so I am anxious to see if she has put on some weight, I sure hope so. I will try to update often, but this post alone took all day to do :)


  1. all the pics area so cute!! Pax looks SO handsome with his hair combed over!! God he is such a CHEESE, i laugh out loud at every pic of him and his huge grin and closed eyes :) Harp's first bath, how exciting! She looks so adorable in her towel and the binky looks huge. I love that she is just chillin on the counter top :)

    You're doing AMAZING and we're ALL here for you if you need help. love you!

  2. advice for nursing...don't get caught up in a schedule! Just nurse her as often as she wants, it seems all consuming at first, but it gets easier quick! GOOK LUCK!
    Lindsay Kinsinger