Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

We put our Christmas tree up this past weekend, and Pax had a great time helping me decorate it. He loved looking at all of Josh's old ornaments because most of them are sports themed. It's so fun to teach him about Christmas, of course he still doesn't fully understand it, but he is grasping the main concept. I was pretty exhausted after decorating the tree though, it's a lot harder to do it 9 months pregnant than I thought!!! Oh well, the ending result was well worth it and I love turning it on as soon as I get home.
Pax helping Dad put the tree together.

Yeah it's up!!

Mommy helpin Pax reach up high.

"I do it Mommy" that's what he kept telling me.

So proud of himself.

the finished product!

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