Sunday, January 9, 2011

Harper 13 months!!

Harper is 13 months old today. She is so hilarious right now. Just yesterday she discovered her shoulders, and has been walking around shrugging her shoulders ever since (just looked up from typing this and she was doing it!) I may dress her in pink (lots of it, all the time, I love it) but she is holdin her own against big Bro these days. I heard Pax screaming the other day and walked into the living room and Harper was grabbing him HARD by the ear and just looking at me grinning. After breaking up the fight (seriously they are 1 & 3 I have to break up fights already?!?!) I asked Pax why she grabbed his ear and he said "cause I wouldn't get out of her face" well then hells yeah grab his ear girl!!! She doesn't take crap from him at all. She got shots last week (4! Yuck!) and ran a fever and felt awful afterwards, she always has bad reactions to shots. Here are her 13 month stats from the appointment:

Weight: 19lbs 10 oz 20% (you would never guess by lookin at her big belly, and boy she likes to eat!!)

Height: 29 1/2 inches 50%

Head: 17 3/4 inches 40%

Here is what she is doin these days:

-Has 3 1/2 bottom teeth, and 1 1/2 top teeth (she is a drooling, snotty nosed hot mess when she is teething)
-Goes to bed about 7:30 pm and sleeps till 7:30 or 8:00 (woo hoo!)
-Drinks out of sippy cup and drinks regular milk now (she doesn't like juice, weird, loves water)
-Eats.....EVERYTHING, seriously the child is an eatin machine but her favorite foods are
apple slices
turkey roll-ups
cereal bars
chicken chunks
cookies (duh, she IS my child)
cheese sticks
squash and zucchini
green beans
Things she doesn't like:
peanut butter (huh? who doesn't like peanut butter?)
veggie chicken fingers (I LOVE Morning Star chicken nuggets but this
girl must be able to tell they aren't real meat and will not eat them!)
juice (she wrinkles her nose and won't drink it, even diluted)
carrots (some days she will eat them, most she won't)
She is babbling a ton, once she got her tubes in she really started talking more. I really think that her hearing and speech was being affected by all the fluid that was always in her ears. She says Dada, Nana, cookie, thank you, puppy, hi, yeah.....and guess what she has only said like twice? MAMA!! She said it once last week when we were at Willies and I freaked out and was like "Gah! Did she just say Mama? I think she did!!" And about 10 minutes later the guy at the table next to us was leaving (total stranger) and stopped by our table and said "if it makes you feel any better, I heard her say it too." Hahahaha, I may overreact a little when she says it, but why isn't she saying it more? Sheesh I am with her ALL THE TIME. Whatever, I am not bitter or anything.

She is walking, running, dancing, and CLIMBING (yup can get up on the furniture now, great).

I am lovin watching her personality emerge now that she is getting older. She can be so sweet one minute then cop some major attitude the next, and did I mention she can be dramatic?

Here are some recent pics of other things she has been up to lately:

Hangin with her friend Eleanor, these 2 are gonna be buddies....and trouble!

Learning how to feed herself with utensils.....uh only SLIGHTLY messy!

Enjoying the mild weather we had last week by playing outside.

And throwing a fit when it was time to come inside.

practicing her gymnastics.

playing with her dolls (so motherly isn't she?)

picking on her brother while he is throwing a fit.

then acting all innocent "what I wasn't just pulling his hair Mom, I am perfect!"

Watching K-State basketball

And crying when we can't shoot a free throw to save our lives and foul every 2 seconds!!!
I am sure she will change even more in the next month but I am lovin every second of it and can't wait for her to learn new things!!!

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  1. omg she says all those words?!? I have witnessed the meaness. That girl can bite, pull hair, and pinch! I'm glad she is tough though. Between her toughness and older brother, no boy is gonna hurt her :)