Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day, part 1

Startin the post out with pictures, explanation below. Not my fault, I claim no responsibility in this.

It had JUST started snowing so I took him outside to watch it. He wanted to go make a snow angel right then.....yeah good luck with that Buddy.

He wore his boots ALL night on Sunday! Even put them back on after bath and wore them with his pajamas.
This pic is out of order. Stupid blogger.

Hi-freakin-larious! She was walking around with all this on and lost her balance and fell over and just laid there. She didn't even attempt to get up. She knew it was probably a lost cause.

She wasn't too sure at first. She just looked at the snow and kinda whined a little.

I may have accidently dumped her off the sled and face-first into the snow. Whoops.

She loved this, think she would have eventually fallen asleep had we stayed out there and pulled her around on it. She didn't move at all....well that may have been from the bajillion layers she was wearing.

Ok no idea what's wrong with my blogger. I wrote all this out THEN uploaded pics so the pics were on top of the text and usually I can move them below but now all of a sudden I can't. So not only are the pictures up top but they are out of order and I can't fix it. What the crap is wrong with blogger? Does/has anyone else had this problem? Gah, annoying.

I know what you're thinking, part 1? PART 1?!?! How can there be more than 1 part? Well let me tell you why, we actually ventured out into the snow twice (3 times for Pax) and you know the affair I am having with my camera and photoshop? Well I took about a bajillion pictures and feel that they should be broken into 2 posts. Mainly for your sake so you don't fall asleep at your computer.

When I heard it was supposed to start snowing, I must admit I giggled like a little girl and felt all happy and giddy inside. I took the kids to Walmart on Sunday and blew our life savings on snow gear...ok only $60 but STILL, who knew boots and sleds cost so much, sheesh? Needless to say, Sunday evening when there was still nary a flake to be seen, I started to panic a little bit. I had gotten Paxton all excited, spent a crap ton of money at Walmart, and had visions of cute pictures of the kids in the snow dancing in my head, and snow! Oh but do not fear my friend, about 6 pm that evening large flakes started falling and I jumped up and down and squealed a little (quit rolling your eyes Brandi)
The next morning we woke up to................SNOW, and lots of it!! Later that morning we bundled up, a process that took about an hour and lots of sweat and tears (from all of us). The kids got outside and Pax loved it, Harper liked it as long as the snow didn't touch her (uh impossible!) Finally I just laid her on her new sled and pulled her around on it and she really liked that.
I know some of you hate the snow, hate the cold (ok I hate the cold too), and hate winter all together, but I am glad we got some snow. It is a lot of fun to see the kids experience this, it makes ME feel like a kid again!! And isn't that what having kids is all about? Well THAT and having someone to do the housework when they are older, and oh they WILL (Harper is already throwing her diapers in the trash, never too early to start folks.)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics! Pax looks so adorable and happy out in the snow. Wish I still lived close and could come play with him. Poor Harper! Not only is it sad you let her go face first into the snow but then you sat there and took pics! Actually, I have no room to talk. I remember when Pax was the same age I took him out in the snow for the first time and he was standing up and then just face dived into the snow. Think I took a pic too :) She looks so comfy being pulled around in the sled. Such cute snow bunnies!

  2. Oooo Amy your family blog always makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. Pax is hilarious!!! Love it!
    Kimmie K