Sunday, January 9, 2011

Paxton goes to school.

Last week Paxton started preschool (cue tears). He only goes twice a week in the afternoon, but STILL he is in SCHOOL, wasn't he just a baby like 2 seconds ago? I told him he could get a new backpack, he has one but it's pink with Minnie Mouse on it (don't ask) and I really didn't want him getting beaten up on the first day of school so a new backpack was needed. He told me he wanted an Optimus Prime (yeah no clue how to spell that, ya know the Transformer dude?) and I am thinkin, crap balls there is no way I am going to find an Optimus Prime backpack in the middle of the school year. Oh but wait......I turned down an aisle at Walmart and I saw lone Optimus Prime backpack, woo hoo Mom of the year!!!!!

We got home with the backpack and Pax proceeded to pack his entire room into that backpack, not hard to do since it's the size of a Buick!! Then he wore the darn thing all night! At bedtime he hung it on his bedroom door, then proceeded to get out of bed no less than 10 times to make sure it was still there. In the morning I got up at 6:30 to work out, I was coming out of the bathroom and there was Pax just standing there: "Mom is it time for school?" Me: (clutching my chest cause he scared the bejeezus out of me) "Gah! No, go back to bed!!" Pax: "Ok" (turns to go back in room) "hey Mom, my backpack is still on my door" (no kidding, it didn't grow legs in the middle of the night) Me:"I know, GO BACK TO BED!" So needless to say he was quite excited.

I dropped him off later that day and there were tears (ok only from me), and smiles, and lots of nervous excitement (me again). When I was putting Harper in her carseat after we dropped him off, she kept looking over at his carseat like "uh, Mom aren't you forgetting someone?"

I picked him up after 2 and a half LONG hours, fully expecting the teacher to tell me he had a rough day, that he cried a little and asked for me a lot.............ummmm, no. He did great, he had fun, no problems, and LOVED singing songs. Today preschool....tomorrow driving, prom, college, wedding (waaaahhhhh!!!!)

Wearing his backpack at breakfast.

This is how pictures of the 2 of them go these days. Impossible.

Love it

walkin in...

seriously backpack, Buick!

Doesn't he look absolutely terrified? I actually had to call his name like 5 times to take this picture and say goodbye, he was already busy playing and talking the poor teachers ear off!!

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