Monday, January 24, 2011


That's what I have been, when it comes to blogging at least. I have been in a blog funk, usually I can't wait to write a new post, but lately everytime I sit down to do it (usually late at night....on a weekend....cause I have no life) I just stare at the screen. I wish I had more time during the day to do it (like right now) but guess what I am NOT doing by writing this? Laundry. I have 2 huge piles on the bed that need folding and apparently the laundry elves decided to skip my house today, so looks like I am going to have to do it myself.....eventually. I have 2 glorious hours of freedom everyday while the kids nap, time for myself; to watch A Baby Story, eat chocolate, catch some z's, talk on the phone, knit a blanket, cure cancer, etc..............yeah right!!! Nap time around here looks like the Mommy Indie 500, and consists of me running from room to room, upstairs and down, trying to get all my "chores" done before I hear that first dreaded whimper from Harpers room, or the squeak of Paxtons bed as he is getting up (seriously why can't naptime be at least 4 hours?) So each day I have to make a decision? Do I do laundry so that my children don't have to wear washcloths tomorrow, do I sweep up the pile of crumbs on the floor so we don't have a mice infestation (I would move, I swear it), do I unload the dishwasher (and load it back up) so that we don't have to eat with our fingers at dinner, or do I sit on my behind and write a blog the blog post wins. Screw it, the closet is stocked with washcloths and there are some pretty cute ones that would be pretty fashionable :)

The kids have been in a funk too lately......a winter blues, cabin fever funk, and I have come close to selling them on e-bay a couple times. I am ready for spring, or even above freezing temperatures would be nice!

Pax is still loving preschool, he is so tired on the days he goes though since he doesn't get a nap, but that just means early bedtime......score!! He is OBSESSED with Transformers right now, he wants to be Optimus Prime (or Bumblebee, it's a toss up each day) and yes I realize that Transformers is a little violent and old for him but honestly I kinda like it too. Don't judge me, have you seen the movies, they are actually really good and it beats the heck outta watching Thomas the Train!! We have been spending more one-on-one time with Pax, and that seems to help his moodiness lately. On one particular bad day, I asked him why he was being so naughty and he said "I am just sick of always having to share my toys with Sissy." I felt bad, cause he DOES share his toys with her, and usually without making a big deal out of it, so we take it for granted. However, he is still a 3 year old, and it has to be hard to always have someone in your stuff. So Josh and I took him to a Japanese steakhouse (aka the "fire place" as Pax called it) and he loved that! Deb and I took him to McDonalds Saturday night and then to the movies, so we are just trying to make that effort to make him feel special, and reward him for sharing his toys and helping me out so much.

I have a lot of projects I want to do soon. One involves an old window that I am going to paint and hang in Harpers room. I also want to paint our bathroom vanity white, then sand it to make it look distressed and antiquey (is that a word), AND don't even get me started on the basement. Goo!! We are talking seriously about (finally) finishing it which means my storage room/entire basement, has to go. It has become a collection of "stuff" since we moved in 2 years ago;

"where should I put this?"-BASEMENT

"hmmmm I am not sure if I am ready to get rid of this"-BASEMENT

"maybe I WILL wear this ugly sweater, these size 4 jeans (yeah freakin right), and overalls (seriously still have them) again one day"-BASEMENT

"what IF we have another baby that could use this Bumbo, bouncer, jumperoo, etc etc etc"-BASEMENT!

You get the point. It's bad, it's real bad. I usually just throw things down there then turn and run up the stairs and slam the door before the guilt catches me. Soooo, it's time to roll up the sleeves and start getting rid of stuff before Hoarders knocks on my door to film me for their next episode.

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