Tuesday, March 8, 2011


2 weekends ago the kids and I went back to Manhappiness. We had not been back to Dad's house forever and I needed a quiet weekend at his house (well as quiet as you can get with 2 kids and a bunch of dogs.) I literally stopped at the top of his driveway and took these pictures because I just love this view and how calm I feel every time I see it. I love coming home, it is good for my soul.

The kids love Papa Long's house too. They have so much fun playing and running around the living room and kitchen.

It was bittersweet however because it was the last weekend we would have with Bailey Marie, our precious dog of 12 years. We obviously didn't know it at the time, we had no idea how sick she was, we just thought she had lost a lot of weight. I am so glad we went home that weekend, and I got to see our dog one more time. I am also so glad I took these pictures of her, I had no idea they would be the last I would take.

My Dad took her to the vet the day after we left, she had lost a lot of weight and was having accidents in the house. We thought she may have a bladder infection, or kidney stone, but that afternoon we got the awful news that she had liver cancer.

The vet told my Dad that she was probably in quite a bit of pain and it was probably best to put her down, there was just too much cancer and it was aggressive.

So my poor Dad had to make the awful decision to put our dog down that afternoon. I am so glad his girlfriend, Kelley, stayed that day and night with him. I know this was one of the hardest things my Dad has ever had to do. Bailey was his buddy and best friend.

So that afternoon, Dad took Bailey's chewie and a picture of us kids and held Bailey for the last time as she went off to sleep forever.
We miss her so much, she was a great dog (and I am not much of a dog person), she was so loyal to all of us, especially my Dad.
I am so glad we decided to go home that weekend.

Paxton loves sitting here at the bar and watch Papa cook (Papa is an AMAZING cook!!)

Papa helping Harper put her shoes on.

We had a great time; we got to see Papa and Kelley, my sister got a lot of wedding things accomplished, we had a night out at Willie's Saturday night,we ate Papa's cooking and of course Rock A Belly and So Long Saloon (my mouth is watering just thinking about this!), and of course we got to spend one last weekend with Bailey.
It was a good weekend.


  1. wwwahhhh :*( I'm SO glad we all got to see her one last time before she left and i'm glad you took pictures of her not knowing it would be her last few days. Miss her SO much!

  2. so sorry about your family dog. I know that's so hard to experience but I'm thankful that she's not in pain anymore.

    Sidenote - that picture of paxton hugging harper is way too cute!!

  3. This made me tear up!! I'm sorry, Amy, losing pets is so hard.