Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dumpster Diving.

So about a month ago I was driving down our street and saw this sitting on our neighbors curb. It has a mirror that attaches to it as well, so I assume it's a vanity.

Actually this looks a little better than how I found it, when I found it one of the legs was completely off and it was pretty dirty and gross. I have never in my life taken anything from another persons trash pile. And yet here I was taking something from my own NEIGHBORS yard! I didn't know the rules to "dumpster diving" so I actually parked my car and went and rang the doorbell first. Yes I was going to ask permission to take their discarded possesion. Luckily they weren't home so I ran to the curb and stuffed the vanity in the back of my van as fast as I could. Then I put it in our garage and shut the door, I kept thinking I was going to get in trouble or something.

I was so excited though, I knew that this would be perfect in Harper's room!! I actually took the mirror off of it, I figure she is too little for a vanity at the moment, but when she is older I am planning on putting it back on and getting her a little chair for it.

I sanded the table and slapped a couple coats of paint on it, then once it dried I sanded it again to give it a distressed look. I really like the way it turned out!!

I am not a fan of the white knob at all, I would like to find either a glass knob or an antique flowery one. They didn't have any at Sutherlands like that BUT you could order one from a catalog they had...........and pay $15 for shipping!! Uh no thanks! So I am on the search for a cute knob to put on it.

I am excited for all the cute ways we can use this table. I would also like to find a cute little lamp to go on it. And of course I can't wait till she is older and we can turn it into a vanity for when she plays dress up!!