Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm jumpin on too!!!

Seen a few people do this blog so thought I would too cause it's Friday and I have no life!!

ABC's of Me!

A....Age-28 until June. I am not scared of 30, bring it on!!

B.....Bed Size-Queen, I want a new bed but don't think we need a King, Queen is sufficient. Any bigger and the kids might get some crazy idea that they can sleep in it too un-unh!!

C....Chore you dislike-I agree with my sister, toilets!!! I am a germ phobe so toilets scare the bejeezus out of me!! I wear gloves, I NEVER use the same sponge twice (sorry landfills) and I wash my hands with scalding hot water after I am done. However, nobody else is allowed to clean them (aka Josh) because I want to know it's done right AND that sponge needs thrown away!!

D.....Dogs-Nope, been there done that. I have kids and most days I am not sure how I have managed to keep THEM alive so we really don't need to throw a dog into the mix.

E......Essential Start to Your Day-COFFEE!! Do not rob me of my coffee I may rob you of your life. Of course I don't drink it till after I get back from the gym and the whole time I am working out I am looking at the clock thinking "ok 10 more minutes till I can go home and have my coffee!"

F......Favorite Color-Blue, however my friend B would disagree since I only wear black and grey cause I am "blah" like that.

G......Gold or Silver-I only wear my wedding ring (I know super boring, see above comment) which is silver but I like the look of gold jewelry better. It just seems more fancy and exciting!!

H.....Height-Short, enough said

I.......Instrument you play-Well I can play a mad tune on my wine glass however don't think that's what they mean by this. I played the flute for a minute in 6th grade and by "play" I mean I faked it; moved my fingers and pretended to play but no sound came out. Hell I couldn't ever figure out how to read the music!! I am sure my band leader (is that what they're called) knew I wasn't playing cause there was only one other flute player so it was probably pretty obvious that only one flute was making noise but that never occured to me at the time.

J........Job Title-Where do I begin? Butt wiper, nose blower, dishwasher, maid, chef, referee, hairstylist, personal shopper, and oh yeah I have a part-time gig at this one place (I am not "allowed" to say where I work unless I keep this blog G-rated, aka BORING! They have become real sticklers about this).

K.....Kids-2 little rascals, I mean angels (ha!) Paxton and Harper, like you didn't already know that!

L.....Live- El Dorado KS, try not to be jealous.

M.....(by the way totally had to sing the alphabet to remember what came after L, sheesh) Moms Name-Jana aka Nana Jana

O.....Overnight hospital stays-Appendix out in middle school, a handful of stays when I had kidney infections, kidney surgery my sophmore year in college, ANOTHER kidney infection a few months after surgery and oh yeah when my 2 children got cut out of my stomach.

P.....Pet Peeves-DRAMA!! c'mon people we all have our own issues we don't need to hear about yours!

Q..........Quote from a Movie-where do I start!! It changes daily!! I am stealing yours Abby cause I use it ALL THE TIME in awkward situations "I love lamp"

R....Righty or Lefty-Righty, stupid question, moving on.

S.....Siblings-Love them! Tony is 30 and the only boy (but the biggest scaredy cat out of all us girls) Amber is 26 and is the most high maintence (sorry Am, you know it's true and we LOOOOVE you for it) Sarah is the baby at 23 and don't be fooled by her sweet appearance she doesn't take crap from anyone!!

T.....Time you wake up-Some days a little after 5 (if I have training with B) but most days a little after 6 so I can get to the gym and home by 7:30. This is NOT easy for me, I like to sleep...a lot!! But I also like the way I feel after I get my butt out of bed and work out, and I know if I don't get up and go, I won't work out that day.

U.....Underwear-Thongs, they are boring, I need new ones (shush B)

V.....Vegetable you don't like- PEAS, gross!! They taste wierd and squish in your mouth, blech!! I am obsessed with Edamame!! Being on Weight Watchers has got me to try lots more veggies since they are 0 points and I am trying new ways to cook ones I don't really like. Last night I did baked broccoli and it was YUMMO!! Crispy and good, Harper tore it up too!

W.....What makes you run late-My kids and my husband!!! Luckily I don't have a SET time I have to be at work so nobody really knows I am running late but me.

X....X rays you have had-I have had quite a few on my kidneys and it is NOT a pleasant experience! Twice for my ankles after I sprained them.

Y.....Yummy food you make-Ooooh I am becoming quite the chef! I make a mean chicken pot pie (all homeade). I am even thinking about starting a separate page on this blog for all the recipes I have been making lately. Some are things I make up myself! I will take a full fat recipe and tweak it to fit into WW and therefore less points!! Ok enough gloating Amy, sheesh!

Z.....zoo animal-Monkeys, duh!! They are the most fun to watch cause they eat their own poop :) However if we lived somewhere that had marine animals I would say dolphins cause I love dolphins!

Whew, that was fun :) Sorry if I bored you, but like I said, it's Friday and I don't have a life!!

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  1. OOH! please do make a blog of recipes!! I need some new stuff to try!