Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Under Construction..

So I am experimenting with ways to improve my blog and set it apart from other ones. As you can see I have a new name for my blog!!! I have LITERALLY been trying to think of a name for almost a year!! I pretty much fell asleep everytime I read "Hall Family Blog" (snore!!) but I also wanted a good name that describes our our family life and me as a mother. I saw an article in a magazine titled "The Perfectly Imperfect Family" and just decided to twist it a little bit since this blog is always from MY point of view. My goal with this blog is to share all of our moments as a family; the good, the bad and the ugly!! Cause lets face it people, this adventure called parenthood is one crazy ass ride!! So I hope you enjoy the new title, I hope you enjoy my posts, and I hope you enjoy reading about our lives "one disaster at a time."


  1. Love the new name! But from now on, no posts without pics of my babies :)

  2. Love it! I'm in the middle of doing the same. And by "in the middle," I mean giving it a thought here and there b/c I can't find the time to actually do it!

  3. your blog is super cute!!! I am jealous!!! Love the new name! I think that ours will always be the cooper family blog...i am so unoriginal!!! I really enjoyed reading about your little cuties!!