Friday, January 22, 2010

Harper 6 weeks

Harper had a 6 week checkup on Wednesday (basically her 4 week checkup but it was 2 weeks late cause her doc was booked!) Pax went too for a re-check from his ear infection and I was alone since Josh had to work. Well we get there and the nurse informs me Harper is getting shots!! I was not at all prepared for this, I thought they had to wait until they were 2 months, but she said nope, 6 weeks or older and since we were there might as well do it so we don't have to come back and pay co-pay again. Sure that makes sense and is all fine and dandy but HELLO I need to mentally prepare myself for shots for at least a day, instead I had 10 min. I was also worried how Pax would handle it, he is very overprotective of his sissy so I didn't know what he would do when he saw a nurse jabbing his sister and making her cry. So I kept talking to him about it and telling him it was very important to sit still and let the nurse do her job and that sissy was going to cry a lot but she will be ok and the shots are good for her. His eyes were big as saucers when the nurses came in and he sat so still and was so quiet while they injected her. I am so glad he did good cause I was crying and I don't know what I would have done if he got upset, we would be one big crying mess :) Harper did really well though, she was done crying before they even got the band-aids on, however she was very cranky the rest of the day and would cry hard whenever someone touched her leg or moved her. The doctor said that she has thrush in her mouth so she is on antibiotics and I am praying she doesn't pass it on to me through nursing because I heard it can be quite painful.
Nursing is still going very well and she only gets a bottle if I am gone or we are out and about in public, AND we have not had to supplement with formula at all!!!! I am so happy about this and happy about all the money it is saving us from not using formula, I do miss having help with feedings in the middle of the night. With Pax, Josh and I would just take turns with feedings but obviously he can't help me this time around (I don't think he is complaining one bit though).
Harper is so much more alert now and doesn't sleep as much, she has a morning nap then is pretty much awake most of the day, then has an evening nap and is awake after that until about 9 or 10 when I nurse her and put her to bed. She is really good when she is awake and usually just looks around so I don't mind that she is sleeping less. Her nights still vary, we have our good nights and bad nights. She is really following objects and people now, and smiling more too! Here is her 6 week stats:

weight=8lbs 14oz (she was 6lbs 40z at one week check)
height= 21 inches (20 at one week checkup)
So she is growing, growing, growing!! Here are some pics from this week. She loves laying on the playmat that Auntie Amber brought up for her, she really looks at all the toys and especially the mirror that hangs above her head, she already loves to look at herself...such a girl!

tummy time!

she is only wearin her onesie due to an explosion she had all over her clothes :)

love her big eyes, hope they stay blue!!

look at those chunky legs!

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  1. wow her legs do look big in the last pic. LOVE chunky babies!! She looks a lot like Pax I think. It's hard to tell when she's wearing pink but in the all white I definitely see it.