Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh what a night!!!

So I had a fun night last night (well technically this morning but no need to split hairs). Harper woke up at 2 am to be fed, so I fed her and while I was doing that she pooped, so I finished feeding her then laid her on changing table to change her. THAT'S when I noticed poop all over my shirt!! This has been happening a lot because newborn diapers are too small and size 1's are still too big. I have been putting her in size 1's anyway so every now and then she poops out the side, anyway....... I took off my shirt and threw it on the floor then proceeded to change her diaper and put new pajamas on her. Then I grab a new shirt out of my dresser and put it on. At this point she is wide awake so I pick her up and start heading to our bed where I will attempt to get her back to sleep and all of a sudden she burps and throws up all over me!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Luckily it was projectile so it only gets on me and the floor so I don't have to change her pajamas again. I wake Josh up and pass her to him so I can change AGAIN!! Harper, in the meantime, is just laying in Josh's arms smiling away!! I get changed again, then take her from him so I can nurse her since she just puked up everything she ate. Finally at 3 am she has a full belly, clean diaper and is sleeping peacefully in bassinet, I on the other hand am looking at all the dirty laundry on the floor that just accrued in an hours time......oh the life of a Mom!!!

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