Friday, January 15, 2010

Park and Playdate!

On Wednesday Pax stayed home with Harper and I because his daycare lady had the flu. I was pretty excited cause I knew it was going to be nice out (FINALLY) and knew we could get out of the house and go do something. I called my friend Lesley, who is a SAHM, to see if her and her little girl Ella wanted to get together and we agreed a trip to the "duck park" was a great idea. After Pax's nap I got the kiddos ready and off we went for Harper's first trip to the park, actually it was her first trip outside ever (well of course she's been outside, but not for an extended period of time). Ella and Pax were SO excited to see the ducks and to be outside in the fresh air, they were so cute standing together and throwing bread in the (frozen) water.

And they're off!!

Ella sharing her bread with Pax.

Hey kids!!

Aren't they just the cutest ever!!! They WILL be getting married one day!

This is a fountain that froze, I thought it looked so cool!

Can you tell how excited she was to be outside?

Her hats are still pretty big, but I couldn't resist putting one on her anyway!! I love it!

I know, it's pretty much the cutest thing ever right?

So after the park we went back to Ella's house to play for the rest of the afternoon. Lesley and I love getting together so we can have grown up talk, but most of the times the kids spend the whole playdate fighting over toys! But this afternoon they did GREAT! Of course there were a few scuffles but for the most part they played very nicely and Lesley and I were able to chat. Ella LOVES babies so she was in heaven seeing and holding Harper. She just kept coming up to her and hugging and kissing her then would scurry off to play some more. We let her hold her and she sat so still the whole time and was singing to her!!! It was the cutest thing ever, and Harper laid there and didn't cry at all, I think she really liked it. Ella is going to be a great big sister!! We ended up staying for dinner and pretty much all evening too! It was so nice of Les and her husband to let Pax and I hang out for so long, it gets pretty lonely at home when Josh works late nights. I am so lucky to have great friends here, it has made our transition here so much easier.

Ella giving Harper kisses.

This was the only smile I could get from her, she was too busy singing to Harper :)

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  1. too cute!! Pax and Ella will have the cutest kids EVER! Pax actually has a normal smile in the 4th pic. love it! We need to get our old "Megan" doll from dads and show it to Ella. She looks EXACTLY like that doll. Harper's jeans are SO cute! I didn't know she had any other pair besides the ones Amber bought her. She looks so old in them :( and of course, the hat is sssooo cute!