Friday, January 15, 2010

Helping Haiti

Today I went to the civic center in town to help package food to send to earthquake victims in Haiti. I have been watching the news coverage and have been praying for all the victims there, so when I heard that Numana (a local charity organization) needed volunteers to come package food up to send there, I jumped at the chance! I fed Harper, threw her stroller in the trunk, and drove down to help out. I thought I would go to the civic center and there would be a few tables set up and a scattering of people helping....boy was I wrong!! There were so many people that showed up to help out, that when I first got there I had to wait in line for a table to open up to work at! How wonderful is it that there were TOO MANY volunteers and they were letting people work for an hour then making them take a break so another group could come in and get a chance to work. I was also surprised at the amount of young kids helping out. At my table there were 5 little kids and they were having so much fun and were so excited to help out, how amazing is that? We packed bags full of food and packed 36 bags per box, and in 3 hours time they had already packed up 100,000 boxes!!! The atmosphere there was so upbeat and fun too, every time a box got packed up everyone at the table would start cheering really loud so all afternoon you just kept hearing whoops and hollers from all the tables around you and you knew another box had been finished and was ready to be sent! It truly shows God's work to see a community like this come together and work hard to help so many people. Who knew a small town in Kansas could help out so much?

Brooke and Lauren, 2 of the little girls I met and worked with, they had been there all day and loved it!! They were having so much fun.

This is my table hard at work, Harper is in the stroller and slept pretty much the whole time even though it was so loud.

She helped out a lot!! :)

The room was PACKED with people!!

they had a big screen that showed images of the devastation in Haiti, it reminded us why we were all there doing what we were doing.

She finally woke up right before we had to leave.

Keep praying for all the people who are hurting, hungry, and homeless and don't forget to donate your time or money, they truly need all the help we can give them!!

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  1. Way to go Amy and Harper!! I have been wanting to dontate money I just want to make sure it goes there and nowhere else! I would have loved to do something like this. I haven't heard of anything like that going on in Wichita...go figure! I'm so happy you went and did that!