Friday, January 8, 2010

Harper is 1 month old!!

Harper was 4 weeks old on Tuesday, and I was going to do this post then, but we didn't have internet all day Tues or Wed (yes I was going crazy). I can't believe it's already been a month or that I go back to work in a week and a half! Don't get me wrong, I am ready for some adult interaction, but I am not ready to leave my baby yet. Here is what Harper is doing at 1 month of age:

-she sleeps for 3-4 hours between feedings at night. I try to nurse her at 10 pm then she is up around 2 am then not again till 5 or 6 so technically I only nurse her once in the middle of the night which is great!!

-she is awake for longer periods of time now, sometimes she is content to just lay/sit and look around but sometimes she is high maintenence and wants to be held.

-she lifts her head up really well, it makes her look like a little turtle.

-she smiles at us

-she will take a pacifier (sometimes).

Ok so she's not doing much right now, but I know that will all change very soon, and honestly I can't wait. I love the baby cuddle stage, but I am ready for her to start interacting with us more. I know that there are so many fun times ahead as she continues to change and grow. Here are some (ok A LOT) of pics that I took of her today at 4 weeks of age, we had a little photo shoot!! Hey what else is there to do when you are on day 5 of being stuck inside all day?

She was starting to be over the whole photo shoot :)

I will post her one month stats after we go to the doctor on the 20th. I am so eager to see how much she weighs. I think her cheeks are really starting to fill out and she FEELS a lot heavier so I am excited to find out her weight. She is in size 1 diapers finally and some of her 0-3 month clothing is fitting and the newborn outfits are getting hopefully that means she is puttin on some lbs!!!!


  1. yay she fits in the shirt I got her! So cool that bow Mike's mom made her is the exact same fabric as the shirt! Now you need to put Pax in his shirt and take their pics together!

  2. omg she is SO freaking cute!! love the head band and her onesie from sarah, too cute!! Can't wait to hold her ALL next weekend!

  3. She is getting so big! I loved your last post on your family time. I really enjoys those nights too!