Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birthday Post, part 2...

Ok consider this your warning about the picture overload in this blog post.......

I will keep the writing short and sweet, mainly cause I already typed this once and my internet quit and I lost it all, so I am annoyed and don't wanna write a ton again. (By the way, I wrote an entire paragraph after this and then hit a key and it ALL disappeared, my computer is going out the window!!)

Gah! To sum it up (for the 3rd freakin time) we had a combo party for Harper and my nephew Aiden (he turned 2 on the 12th) last Saturday in Kansas City. The theme was buckeroo and we found out fast that the bad thing about having a girl/boy combo party is deciding on colors. What boy wants a pink party and what girl wants a blue one? Weeeelllllll....we didn't have to choose since we could not find any girl themed buckeroo stuff (seriously Party City and Hobby Lobby? NO girl EVER wants a buckeroo party? Let's get with it). So blue and red was the color we went with (I am so sorry baby girl, I will make it up to you next year with the pinkest party you have ever seen). It was super adorable though, and Harper didn't seem to mind :) Plus she still got to wear her adorable pink cowboy(girl?) boots so it was all good.

We opened presents, watched the kids play, ate some yummy soup (perfect for the freezing day we were having) and hung out. Later that night my siblings and I played games and drank some vino. All in all it was a great weekend with family, friends and fun times had by all.

And now I am going to post this bad boy before I erase it again and have to be committed!

The girls battled the frigid temps to go shopping (ok we HAD to cause we didn't have decorations yet).

Sarah got to drive Swagger

We were waiting for our balloons at Party City and got a little bored so Mom and sisters decided to put on these masks. I about wet my pants from laughing while I took the picture!!

Mikey Boy hard at work putting together Aiden's train set

Amber told me "you better not be taking pictures of me with these socks on" so OF COURSE I did what any sister would do and got a close up of them!!

Adorable train table

Aiden coming down to see his train table for the first time, he saw it and yelled "TWAIN!!"

I think Pax was plotting on a way to get the train table home with us.

Buckaroo table

Little girl all ready for her party!!

My friend Tiffany made this tutu for her, LOVE IT!

Baby legs and boots....yeah baby!!

Birthday buddies, they share parties AND their snacks!

They can hardly contain their excitement, can ya tell?

My favorite.

Grandma Honey came!! One of Nana Halls friends.

They aren't spoiled or anything, right?

Harper and Papa Long

Giving her dolly a kiss.

Amber and Mom cooking/eating :)

Nana Jana with her grandkids, IMPOSSIBLE to get a good one of all 3!


Sitting IN her present

I love this one!!! Pushing her baby in the stroller!! She got about 6 new dolls for her birthday.

Kissing her baby

"what do you mean I have to wait for you all to sing to me before I eat my cupcake!!

She just couldn't wait and took a swipe of frosting while we were singing.

Aiden's turn!

He snuck a bite too :)

My friend Brandy made this adorable hat and bib for Harper to go along with the Buckaroo theme. Check out her ETSY site she makes lots of cute stuff!!

And AFTER she finished hers, she went and mooched off Brother!

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