Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First photo from photoshop!!

So I downloaded photoshop to my computer 2 days ago and ever since then I keep opening it up and staring at it with my mouth gaping open. If any of you have ever seen photoshop you will know what I mean....."what the hell does all of that shiznipp mean!!!" They seriously need to make a photoshop for dummies!! Layers, and channels, and paths oh my!!!! Luckily I remembered that a favorite blog of mine the Pioneer Woman (if you have never seen her blog go now, seriously NOW, you will thank me for it!!) had a section in her blog for photography and so I went to it. And THEN I discovered that she had these Actions for photoshop that you can download for free (as long as you have photoshop)!!! So I did it and it worked!! Angels sang, I cried a little....ok not really, but I was pretty giddy about this picture! The colors are so cool! It's called "seventies" and I am in love with it, and the Pioneer Woman.

The picture below was the before picture.

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