Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cookie Exchange

Only over 2 weeks late on posting this one!! Sheesh.

My friend Brandi Lane invited me to her cookie exchange, I couldn't make it last year, as I was having a baby, so I was so pumped to make it this year. Again, it fell on Harper's birthday, but I still really wanted to go. So after we had her little party at home, I left her with Daddy to go to bed (yes I felt a little guilty, but I am pretty sure she didn't even notice me leave).
A cookie exchange, what a brilliant idea!! It includes all of my favorite things: baking! cookies! and wine! We should really have these at least once a week!

I, in true Amy fashion, waited till the DAY OF the cookie exchange to bake my 6 dozen cookies (yup that's right, 6). I thought "I have this under control, I will put the kids down for naps and have 2 glorious hours of baking" and in true Hall children fashion, the kids had other plans!! Harper napped for about a minute, Paxton wouldn't nap at all, so I had 2 kids running around and a war zone in my kitchen. I was actually going to make 3 different kinds of cookies, but due to the circumstances that prevailed, I only made 2 kinds (Paula Deans peppermint whoopie pies will have to wait for another day.) So, needless to say, it was complete kid, cookie batter, chaos in my house.

The party was a great time, I couldn't believe the amount of cookies that were there! HEAVEN! I went home with so many different kinds of cookies. Thanks B Parks for a fun night!!
Coconut macaroons before....(when it says use parchment paper.....USE PARCHMENT PAPER)
And coconut macaroons AFTER they were dripped and drizzled with chocolate ganache.
Cream cheese snowballs batter, the picture cannot convey how creamy this batter was, amazing!
Cream cheese snowballs, except mine weren't too bally (yeah made that word up), but when warm, these cookies MELT.IN.YOUR.MOUTH.
Had to keep baby girl away from the hot stove and my busy feet, she didn't like it very much.
She kept putting her arms up to me, so hard not to pick her up.
Trying to figure out how to get the gate down, I think she succeeded at one point.

The Hostess with the Mostess

Thanks B!

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  1. thanks for coming to the cookie bake. it just keeps growing every year.