Monday, December 6, 2010

Excuse me while I have a mini breakdown........

Harper gets tubes tomorrow. I have been handling this just fine (seriously I have been cool as a cucumber), even though I know it's surgery. I have talked to many Moms whose children had it done, and it went very smoothly and the child is doing so much better, no ear infections, no antibiotics, etc. Soooooooooooo....when the hospital called today to go through pre-op questions with me and give me instructions, I was very calm and collected...... until she said "we will take her back at 10:30 to get her settled in and start her i.v." and then I lost it. Waaaaahhhh, MY BABY IS GOING TO BE TAKEN AWAY, TO A ROOM WITHOUT ME, AND THEY ARE GOING TO PUT A NEEDLE IN HER TINY HAND (arm? leg? where exactly do they put it?) Don't worry I just said (screamed) all this in my head, on the phone I just started crying and couldn't answer the next question the poor lady asked me. I apologized, and she laughed and said it happens all the time and reassured me Harper was in good hands and will be just fine. I know she will be, and I am grateful she is just having simple surgery and not major surgery for something really, really wrong, but surgery is surgery and that's still my baby......ok mini breakdown done. I will leave you a picture of happy baby girl cause I am sure at this time tomorrow she will be cranky post-surgery little girl, and I will be shnuggling with her.

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