Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's not easy.....

Trying to get a GOOD picture of the 2 active kids in front of the Christmas tree!!!

"See my toy Mom"

We're #1 and Harper chewing on an ornament

Paxtons eyes closed.....

Harpers eyes closed

Blurry (my fault), but this may have been the winner had I not screwed it up

Harpers head got cut off (my fault again)


Going (see her little hand?).......



Winner winner chicken dinner!!!! Wish Harper was smiling but they are both sitting there, with eyes open, and all of their faces are in the picture :)


  1. aawww!! Did Harper's dress used to be Madi's? Looks familiar.

  2. yup it was Madi's!! I love dressing her in Madi's old stuff, I sit there and I am like "awww I remember dressing her in this!!!" Love this dress, so cute and timeless.