Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas to.....ME!!!

I got my Christmas present early, a new camera!! I have been wanting a nice camera for a while now. I love taking pictures of the kids and playing around with editing them. Josh was just going to buy me one and surprise me, but then he found out that I had really been researching cameras and told me to pick one out and he would get it. Ummmm..........OK!! So after much debate between a Canon and a Nikon, I chose the Nikon D3000. Walmart actually had the best deal on it! I got it yesterday and have had so much fun playing with it and taking pictures. Finally tonight it occured to me that I had not done one single thing around the house all weekend!!! Josh may regret getting me this, we may have nice pictures but the house is gonna go to crap :) Here are some of my first pics. I am still figuring out the settings, and editing stuff. If anyone has any tips or info about this camera, or editing software, let me know!!!


  1. Glad you finally got one! You will have SO much fun this Christmas taking pictures. Love the ones with the tree in the background with all of the bokeh!

  2. Enjoy your new camera!!! They are wonderful!! Merry Christmas!